Dating During COVID-19—how to Tell Your Colleague You Like Them While Working From Home

Posted February 24, 2021 by in Career

Social distancing and lockdown restrictions have made dating extra difficult, especially for those people harbouring a crush on a colleague. And let’s get real, working from home doesn’t lend itself to an office romance. However, you can still make it happen. If you’ve been looking for inspiration on how to establish a workplace romance, you’re in the right place:

Lunch Break

Online printing service, instantprint, who specialise in business card printing conducted a survey with Brits to find out their thoughts on workplace romances. It revealed that 57% of men would shy away from making the first move, and one in three women said they’d be likely to show interest in a colleague. Letting someone know you’re interested in them can be daunting, especially navigating online rather than face-to-face.

The most popular way of asking someone out was organising a lunch break together, with 32% of correspondents stating it as their preference. It’s light, casual, and easy to work into your schedules. 

Virtual Drink 

Next up, with 29% of Brits picking this option, was asking a colleague out for a virtual drink. This one will definitely feel like more of a date. You could keep it simple, order the same bottle of wine, and drink it ‘together.’ Or you could try your hand at cocktail making. It turns that drink into an activity and conversation starter. If you’re wondering how to go about asking them out, social media proved to be popular. 55% of workers said they would use it. It appears more friendly and takes you both away from work.  

Online Gifts

12% of people said they would send a gift. If you’re wanting a colleague to know you’re interested, this could be a lovely, romantic, gesture. You could use it as a chance to show how well you know them and get them something they’d appreciate. Or perhaps an in-joke the two of you share. Or you could follow the traditional romantic route and send flowers with a card.  There are gifts for every stage of dating so pick something that feels right for you. 

Team Events 

Only 7% of people said they would wait for a workplace team event. This makes sense as team-building exercises don’t exactly scream romance. However, this scenario does give you a chance to get to know the person more. You can see them in a more relaxed setting than the normal working day. Use this opportunity to create organic conversations and test the waters to see how you’d fare in an online call if it was just the two of you. 

Even though Covid-19 has made dating difficult, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. There are plenty of ways you can virtually charm one of your colleagues. Have you got any tips for a virtual romance? 

*Photos by Tim Samuel