Decor Ideas: Wallpapers, Murals, and Panels

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For years’ interior design decoration has been expensive, and therefore many people have opted not to undertake it. However, nowadays there are good quality decorations that are affordable with easier installations. These decorations come in the form of wallpapers, wall murals, and panels. Some of these decorations include:


Cactus is considered to be a cheaper option because of their succulent nature. This is because they require little water and are easier to maintain. They are also colorful and have unique shapes , so they are very popular for decor; even for those who don’t live in a dry area. Walls panels with patterns of cacti are also popular. 

Interior design ideas, wallpapers, murals and panels

Dark and moody

Some interior decorators don’t opt for bright and crazy colors. Dark and moody designs, therefore, become their go-to option. Wallpaper panels that have a solid color can also be an option. Wallpaper panels are also thin, making their installation easier.

Wood paneling

Wood paneling has been on the rise in interior design. However, the traditional use of nails and hammers have been abandoned, and people are opting for wallpaper panels. For installation of wood wallpaper paneling, ensures the interior decorators get the best service to ensure that your home looks beautiful and attractive.

Decor Ideas: Wallpapers, Murals, and Panels //


Geometrics offer a jazzy feel to your home. This can be achieved through the installation of a mural. They don’t have to be an actual image, but one can opt for panels. They offer a fun and excitement touch to the room. One can add a twist of retro or contemporary depending on your preference.

Decor Ideas: Wallpapers, Murals, and Panels


Indigo pattern has also become an absolute go-to pattern for most interior design lovers. One can choose a subtle or crazy pattern. This pattern can easily be paired with white and grays as a choice for bedding and neutralizing the room.

Modern love

This involves a more contemporary or modern wallpaper design. This design option can give a simple room an urban touch. Further pairing with colors such gold helps to provide the room with a touch of class.

You can also pair it with mid-century furniture to make the room even bolder. 

Decor Ideas: Wallpapers, Murals, and Panels

Touch of Nature

This is also a common design, especially in urban settings. This design involves incorporating Mother Nature in a contemporary room. This involves the use of bright colors that have the element of nature such as bamboo trees or animals such as pandas.

Faux Tile

Installing tile is a tedious process that is also time-consuming. So to save time and energy, one can opt to install a wallpaper with faux tile. Wallpaper with faux tiles are also removable and can be re-used. It has only four installation steps that provide excellent results.

Florals and stripes

Florals help the interior designer to bring nature into a room. One can pick a wallpaper with a black and white floral pattern for your bedroom or also your bathroom. Stripes are also trendy in interior design. Stripes can either be horizontal, vertical or chevron depending on your preference. All these are done on removable wallpapers for efficiency and to be re-used later.

Interior design ideas, wallpapers, murals and panels

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