Design an Easily Maintained Bathroom to Save Time on Cleaning

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No one really likes cleaning the bathroom. Even if you’re someone who enjoys cleaning, the bathroom isn’t exactly a pleasant room to take your scrubbing brush to. Not only do you have to clean the toilet, but you can end up pulling hair out of the drain and scrubbing mold from the grouting. Fortunately, cleaning the bathroom doesn’t have to be such a torturous job. If you’re thinking about remodeling or installing a new bathroom, you have the chance to design a bathroom that will be easy to keep clean. A few smart design choices could mean you spend a lot less time cleaning your bathroom so you can move on to other things.

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Install Single-Surface Shower Walls

Tiles might look pretty in a bathroom and offer a waterproof surface, but they’re not always all that great. They are a fairly practical option for a bathroom floor and walls, but they can cause problems too. Keeping the grouting clean can be tough, especially with white grouting that shows up every speck of dirt. If you want to avoid this, there are other flooring options and wall coverings that will protect your bathroom without being so hard to clean. Installing a BCI acrylic shower system is one way to waterproof your bathroom for easier cleaning. These solid-surface wall surrounds enable you to give your bathroom the right look without the risk of mold. They are mold-resistant, durable, and look great too.

Get Rid of Any Gaps

Everyone knows those places in their homes where dirt and grime like to hide. A lot of the time we just try to ignore them until they really need to be cleaned because it’s such a pain to get in there and do the job. But if you can get rid of these gaps and hidey holes in your bathroom, you don’t have to worry about cleaning them. Designing your bathroom so it doesn’t have any places for dirt to hide makes it so much easier to clean. There’s nowhere for dirt to hide, making the whole room a lot more hygienic.

Avoid Plastic

Choosing your bathroom materials carefully is important if you want to be able to clean the room quickly. Some materials are much easier to clean than others, and some will start to look worn out quicker. One material that you might want to try to avoid is plastic. There are some types of plastic that will quickly start to become discolored. Even if they’re easy to wipe clean, they’ll begin to look dirty when they’re not. White plastic, in particular, can start to look yellow and old long before the rest of your bathroom begins to deteriorate.

Keep It Simple

If there’s one rule to keep in mind while designing a low-maintenance bathroom, it’s that you should keep it all as simple as possible. If you have too many features or lots of complicated shapes and lines, you will give yourself too much to do when it comes to keeping things clean. Fewer corners, edges, gaps, and touchpoints can all help to make your bathroom easier to clean. Avoid having anything that needs more than a quick wipe or scrub to get it clean.

Install a Wetroom

One of the easiest types of bathroom to clean is a wetroom. It’s designed so that the whole room is tiled and there’s no need for a shower tray. You can simply install a drain straight into the floor, allowing the water to drain out. One of the advantages of this is that you can pretty much just hose down the whole room when you want to clean it. Not only that, but you remove some of the edges and seams that other bathrooms would have. Cleaning becomes quick and simple, and the room is also accessible and looks great too.

Please see the accompanying resource for tips on how to avoid mold from your shower in your newly designed bathroom.

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Use Larger Tiles

There are alternatives to tile if you want to remove tiling from your bathroom completely. However, if you like the look of tile or the benefits that it offers, there are other ways to tile your bathroom to help you cut down on cleaning time. One option is to use larger tiles, which helps to reduce the amount of grouting and make it easier to clean. You’ll have longer sections of grouting, instead of lots of little lines that are more difficult to keep clean.

Install a Detachable Shower Head

A shower head that you can take off the wall is really handy when it’s time to clean your bathroom. You can hold it in your hand and use it to spray down various surfaces, including shower screens and trays, bathtubs, and tiles. They’re available on their own or you can also get them together with a permanently-mounted shower head. They’re also really useful for various things such as washing your hair, rinsing off your feet, or even hosing down the dog when they need a bath.

Get the Right Toilet

The toilet is by far the worst thing to clean much of the time. It’s not a very nice thing to have to clean, and it often has lots of ridges and seams that are hard to get into. But there are ways you can make a toilet easy to clean by installing the right one. You can choose from Bathroom Sales Direct, who have a variety of stylish toilets which are easy to clean and install too. For eg install an in-wall cistern toilet, which reduces the number of parts that you have to clean. Another possibility is to choose rimless toilets, which are much easier to clean. A removable toilet seat can also be a good idea, allowing you to clean around it more easily.

Install Good Ventilation

The right ventilation can really make a difference in your bathroom. Ventilation helps to prevent too much condensation, which can lead to problems with mold and mildew. A good bathroom fan is often all you need to help move steam from your bathroom to outside. Make sure that you use your ventilation too. There’s no point in having it if you don’t turn it on.

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Make your bathroom easier to clean and you could save a lot of time that you can use for better things.

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