Design Changes You Can Make in Your First Home

Posted December 20, 2019 by in Home
ocean inspired bedroom decor

If you have just taken the keys for your first home: congratulations! Securing the deposit and sale for your first home is an achievement that you should absolutely be proud of. Now that you’re rid of those nightmare landlords, you will have ultimate control of how your home looks and feels. This can be a bit intimidating at first: you now have sole responsibility for broken boilers, cosmetic changes and any other mishaps.

However, with this also comes complete freedom. If you want a big red feature wall or mood lighting in your kitchen — so be it:

A New Bathroom Suite 

If your old bathroom could use a bit of updating, then this could be your first project. Many people will recommend changing the toilet seats and other fixtures for hygiene reasons, but a complete refurb could be much more satisfying. If you’ve always wanted a ceiling-mounted waterfall shower or a bathtub to spend the evenings soaking in, you now have that window of opportunity.

The best way to figure out what’s achievable in your home is to find a local bathroom designer and fitter. If you find the best-rated company for bathroom design in Harpenden, for example, it will ensure you get a high-quality service that is near to your home. Having local supply-and-fit companies guarantees that if something does go wrong, you will be just a phone call and a few miles away. 

Light Fixtures

Never underestimate just how profound an effect new lighting can have on a home. As mentioned earlier, adding soothing mood lighting to rooms that have LED spotlights could put a unique twist in your home.

Taking a look at each room and planning out which lighting changes could really add a transformative feel could be one of the cost-effective changes to make. 

Update the Garden

If you are lucky enough to have a new home with a garden, then there’s nothing more wholesome than getting stuck in with some gardening. There are some practical checks you will need to make, such as checking and de-cluttering the gutters, but otherwise you can make some pretty wallet-friendly changes on your own.

Dropping by a garden center will open up a wealth of options to you: adding saplings to grow and develop in your backyard, or maybe even some small shrubs to line your lawn with could help build your gardening confidence. You will also find stone ornaments and lawn furniture which will help create a more polished and stylistic look. Planning a summertime dining area could also bring you some motivation to get out there and start digging. 

Updating your first home can feel like a long and painful process, but don’t let it be. Enjoy the steps needed to clear out and start afresh. The home you are designing and customizing will feel more uniquely yours once you have finished all of your tweaks and overhauls. It might take some elbow grease and maybe even some investment, but the end result will be yours.