Designer Tips for Decorating With Luxury Rugs

Posted November 12, 2021 by in Home

Designing your home interior can be challenging if you don’t know all the tricks of the trade. You might have a different idea for every room or a theme for the entire house in mind, but if you don’t know the secrets to effective home design, your dreams may never be truly realized.

One of the industry’s best-kept secrets is luxury rugs. A high quality luxury rug can transform a simple interior design into a high-class, lavish space ready to impress even the most esteemed guests. Ideas from Arthide can be one of the go to option for this. So to help get you started on your home’s interior upgrade, here are seven designer tips for decorating with luxury rugs. 

Get the Right Size

Nothing can make a space feel stuffy and closed quite like a rug that’s too big. The purpose of any rug is to enhance the atmosphere, and if your rug is too big, it could leave you feeling cramped and crowded. 

Before you ever purchase your luxury rug, make sure you use measuring tape to determine the dimensions of your room. This will help you avoid getting one too big or too small. Leaving a bit of visible floor will make the rug stand out even more, but too much floor space will make the rug seem kind of useless. 

You don’t want a small rug in the center of the room because it will look out of place. Instead, use your rug to make the room appear larger by using it to cover the floor space of the seating area (more on that later).

While not all rugs are available in oversized versions, researching can help you find what you’re looking for. If you’re specifically interested in finding an oversized or large cowhide rug, you may want to refer to this page. An oversized cowhide rug is a statement piece in itself, so keep the rest of the room’s decor simple. Choose furniture and accessories with clean lines and neutral colors to let the rug be the room’s focal point. Pair the cowhide rug with furniture and accessories that create contrast. For example, if the rug is in a light color, choose dark furniture or accessories to create a dramatic effect.

Check Antique Rugs Thoroughly

Antique rugs can be amazingly decorative and extremely well-made, so it’s understandable to want to find one for your home. An antique rug can introduce a new sense of sophistication and class to your space, but you need to check it in person before closing the deal. 

It’s easy to find antique rugs online, but pictures don’t always do a rug justice. When you’re checking it in person, unravel it completely, checking for stains, holes, and any other flaws you wouldn’t want to deal with in your home. 

Sometimes, the best antique rug is a brand new one with an antique design. Check out these luxury rugs that balance antique sophistication with a brand new feel on Lawrence of La Brea. 

Warm up Any Space

Warmth is what makes a home feel like home. Picture yourself coming back from a long and demanding day to a cozy lounge area where you can warm your toes on a luxury rug in front of the fireplace. It’s hard to deny the attraction! 

Tile and wood floors are cold and unwelcoming. They do little to keep your feet warm, and make rooms sound empty and echoey. You can reverse the dynamic of a cold, empty room with a luxury rug instantly. They introduce warmth and color, and help to eliminate extra reverberant sound, even making the room quieter! 

Strategically Place Your Furniture 

As you’re working through your interior design plans, make sure you put some serious thought into the placement of your furniture. Furniture placement is key to creating an inviting space for people to gather, and you can use your luxury rug to enhance it even further.

Firstly, make sure your rug is the proper size. Then place your furniture so that at least the front legs are overlapping the rug. If your rug is large enough, you can place your furniture to completely overlap. Either way, centering furniture around the rug will tie it all together, make your luxury rug stand out for what it is.

Select the Right Shape

The shape of your room will largely affect the shape of the rug you should get. If you have a room with rounded corners, it might be a good idea to get a rug with rounded corners as well to maximize the feeling of space. Most rooms are irregularly shaped, so finding the right shape can be tricky, but generally, rectangular rugs will make a rectangular room seem larger. 

Color Isn’t as Important as You Think

If you’re redesigning a room, you might consider the color of the rug more carefully because you want it to match the existing design elements, but this can instantly make a great design look fake. Instead, go with something that’s close -this will allow the character of your luxury rug to stand out as it should. 

If you’re starting from scratch, start with the rug and find design elements to match it from there!

Take Care of Your Rug

While a rug literally lives on the floor and underneath your feet, it should still be treated with the same respect you give your special-occasion china set. Turn your rug periodically so that it doesn’t wear too much on one side or another from foot traffic, and clean it regularly using a vacuum and specialized rug cleaner. If you need to store it for any reason, make sure you store it correctly.

Designing with luxury rugs can be tricky, but if you follow these tips, you’re sure to be happy with the end result!

*Photos by Spacejoy