Designing & Decorating with Dried Flowers – Creative Ways to Get Started

Posted July 28, 2021 by in Decor

Redecorating your home doesn’t have to come at a huge expense. You can add a bit of whimsical charm by using dried flowers. You can take it further by using potpourri to decorate your home and make your living spaces not only look amazing but also smell great. 

Dried flowers make for stunning home décor accents and they can instantly upgrade your aesthetic. What’s more, they can last for a long time without the need for water and light. A little bit of care can go a long way in maintaining these low-maintenance dried flowers.

Whether your style is farmhouse, boho, or modern, adding dried flowers and grasses can help you bring the outside in without a hefty price tag and hassle of taking care of live plants or fresh flowers. 

Here, take a look at a few simple styling tips to easily integrate dried flowers into your home:

Transform a French Market Tote with Dried Flowers and Hang it in Your Entryway 

Do you have a French market tote lying around in the house? It doesn’t have to be the specific kind. Even if you have any kind of tote bags or shopping bags in your house and wish to reuse them, this is the best way to do so. Simple style the bag by placing dried flowers inside it. As they don’t require water, you don’t have to worry about getting the bag drenched.

You can create a pretty flower arrangement inside the tote bag where some of the flowers are inside the bag and some of them are peeping out to make a wonderful show. You can simply keep the bag lying near the fireplace or hang them in the entryway. 

Hang Dried Flower Balls From the Ceilings or Keep Them in a Basket 

Balls made with dried flowers have massive decorative value. You can hang them from the ceiling or even arrange them in bowls, trays, or baskets. These dried flower balls can even be scented and can help to flood your home with amazing aromas. 

You can get dried flower balls or make them by using dried flowers and dry foam balls. Get a satin ribbon, wrap the ball and hang it. 

Dried flower balls even make for amazing decorative pieces for celebrations like birthdays, Christmas, and so on. They can add a beautiful touch to your overall décor. 

Simple Dried Flower Vase Arrangement as a Table Centerpiece

This is one of the easiest ways to use dried flowers and incorporate them as part of your home décor. Instead of getting your weekly delivery of fresh flowers, you can get dried flowers and make a simple or exotic vase arrangement. You can be as creative as you want and even use dried grasses and foliage, along with flowers. Place the vase on the dinner table, coffee table, or even on the mantelpiece so that it demands attention and stands out on its own. 

When you use dried flowers, you don’t have to keep changing the arrangement or clean the vase. The flowers will remain intact for a very long time, but you just have to keep them away from strong winds and away from children’s reach. 

Instead of a vase, you can even get bowls or any other type of decorative items where you can keep the dried flowers. 

Create Flower Wreaths to Hang Outside of Your Door or Above the Fireplace 

No, wreaths are not only for Christmas. You can hang beautiful-looking wreaths on your door all year round. Dried flower wreaths look unique and rustic. It looks beautiful regardless of the season and it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. 

The wreaths can even be reused for years to come. If you don’t wish to hang it outside of your door, you can also hang it above the fireplace. It can be hung as a decorative piece of wall art as well. They also make for amazing wedding décor. 

Drop Dried Flowers in Apothecary Jars 

Get beautiful apothecary jars and simply drop dried flowers inside of them. You may have to struggle a bit to get the flowers to sit exactly how you want, but the struggle will be worth it in the end. These portable miniature arrangements can adorn any corner of your house. Place them on the shelves or the tables. You can even use them as gifts to wow your friends and family. 

Creating these little jars filled with dried flowers can be a fun family activity and it can engage your kids. 

Decorate Your Bathroom with Potpourri

Wholesale potpourri might not be a normal bathroom element, but its presence can heighten the beauty of your bathroom and make you appreciate its beauty. One way to use potpourri in the bathroom is to take a decorative bowl and place the potpourri inside of them. Since potpourri is dried petals of flowers and leaves with aroma, it looks amazing when it’s carelessly strewn. You can place a candle in the middle of the bowl to enhance the beauty of this arrangement. 

Along with making your bathroom look beautiful, it will even make it smell heavenly. The presence of potpourri will act as a natural fragrance. 

Design a Dried Flower Cloche 

Cloches have made quite the comeback and you can use this trend with dried flowers. It will help to lend a Parisian charm to your home and cloches can be a way to showcase your creativity. For this, you have to select your cloche. You can get a wooden cloche for a neutral color palette or a metal one for a modern twist.

Use clay or foam to build a base with dried flowers and use glue so that the center of the base is secure. Focus on the height and you can use dried leaves and grass, along with dried flowers. 

Get inspired by the aforementioned ideas of decorating your home with dried flowers and give it a try for yourself today.