Designing The Ultimate Utility Space That Works For You

Posted February 2, 2022 by in Decor

If you’re budgeting for some home renovations this year, you’re not alone; a recent survey found that 72% of Americans are planning home improvements in 2022.  For many people (in fact 46% of those in the same survey), the kitchen is a key priority, but perhaps you’ve already styled your dream kitchen and now need to upgrade the utility space to match.  After all, the two often flow together.  Here’s how to make your utility space work harder for you.

chic laundry room

Identify Its Purpose

Everybody thinks they know what a utility space is for, but it’s worth considering exactly what its purpose is for you and your lifestyle.  Is it somewhere to sort out the family’s washing?  Somewhere to store and clean up your muddy bike and hiking boots on a Sunday night?  Maybe it’s where the dog has his bath.  Whatever its purpose, start there and plan around it.  This might mean you need slimmer units to allow for more floor space, or a super flexible hose and utility sink.  Think also about the tech; well placed lighting or even entertainment options will make all the difference to specific tasks.

Everyday Essentials

Next, you will need to budget for your essential utility items.  Number one is the washing machine.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics found that the average family’s laundry takes just over 20 minutes per day.  If this feels familiar, you need an efficient machine.  Consider how much laundry you usually do, and how dirty it may get, as this can affect whether top or front loading is best. Think also about the flow of your floorplan; do you have space for a front loading door to project into the room when open? 

Consider smart drying options – if budget and floor space is limited, how about a drying rack which can be raised up and out of the way? Another recent survey revealed that a laundry room is the second biggest must-have feature for American homebuyers. If you like ironed clothes, consider where your board and iron will live.  Finally, plan for other utility essentials which make your life easier.  Perhaps a backup chest freezer, or even a microwave if you don’t want it out on your kitchen counter.

Pack It with Personality

Since visitors rarely hang out in the utility space, you can have some fun with it.  Perhaps you want a cool white scheme to cut through the clutter and keep you feeling calm and organized.  Why not add some plants for soothing energy when you’re ironing?  Or perhaps this is the room to experiment with color and see what you love.  Studies have confirmed that different colors can affect people’s moods, so perhaps your utility space is the perfect place to try this out and see whether sunshine yellow or vibrant green makes you feel more cheerful and productive.

The utility space is often overlooked, but it’s a hugely productive part of your home and making it more efficient and pleasant to be in can make a real difference to everyday life.  By identifying its role in your life, kitting it out with the essentials that you need, and giving it your own stamp, you can take something functional and make it beautiful too.  All without spending a fortune.