Different Types Of Paper to Try for the Crafters and Artists Out There

Posted April 15, 2022 by in Lifestyle
Photo of Two Persons Drawing and Cutting White Paper

If you’re into any type of arts and crafts, you’ve probably come across the many varieties of paper that are available today. Each type of paper is manufactured with specific purposes in mind, and they differ greatly. How do the different types of paper differ? Keep reading to find out more.

Note that most paper is manufactured from cellulose fibers obtained from trees, but there are certainly some types of paper that use other sources of fibers —such as papyrus.

Blank sketch book and paint on a white table

Paper Pressing

In order for the fibers used in paper making to come together, they are traditionally pressed together. This will remove excess water from the pulp used to make the paper, and it also ensures the fibers are compact. 

Pressing is important when choosing paper for watercoloring. If you research hot press vs cold press paper, you’ll find that hot press paper is preferred because there is slight room for error. This is because it absorbs the ink slowly. 


Paper is coated with a variety of materials for different reasons. For example, there may be an adhesive coating on the back of the paper so that any printed image can be used as a sticker. Also, some types of paper are coated with gloss or have a matte finish depending on the desired effect. 


Although we don’t think of it as such, cardboard is actually just paper that is layered in a specific way to add strength. There are many types of cardboard, each serving a purpose. 

Cardboard can be used in making signs, as part of crafting projects, and even in making simple things such as menus. It is most often used in the manufacture of boxes used to carry foodstuffs. 

Tracing Paper

This is a type of paper that artists use very often, but school children have also been known to use. It’s a very thin paper that can be used to transfer an image drawn using a pencil onto another page. Generally speaking, this paper is somewhat translucent. 

Kraft Paper

This type is also sometimes called butcher paper. It is a type of strong, tear-resistant paper that is used in crafting projects, particularly when heat is involved. For example, when heat pressing designs onto fabrics, many people use the craft paper to protect the image from the heat press. 

Crepe Paper and Tissue Paper

These two types are often confused, but there is a stark difference between them. For one thing, tissue paper is generally more translucent, while crepe paper tends to be opaque. In reality, crepe paper is made up of many layers of tissue paper that have thin layers of adhesive between them.

They have multiple uses such as making paper flowers and filling piñatas.

Copy Paper

Last but not least, we must mention the regular paper that is found in practically every office on Earth. Copy paper may usually be used for printing documents, but there is room for this type of paper in crafting. 

It can be used for printing blueprints, or even for printing images for dye sublimation. Some people even use copy paper in making origami because it has the perfect balance between sturdiness and flexibility. 

Photo of Woman Drawing on White Paper

The types of paper available on the market today go well beyond this mediocre list. These are only the types most commonly used in crafting. In reality, there are many more types of paper that have a multitude of uses from printing books to building homes. Paper plays an important role in today’s society, even if it is used as part of arts and crafts.