Dip Powder Nails—Everything You Need to Know About the Long-Lasting Nail Polish Trend

Posted August 31, 2021 by in Beauty

Every time we go to a salon, we feel stress, because there are so many different types of colors that it is difficult to choose which one (yes, life is difficult!). And traditional polishes are rare in general because now they are not in demand. Instead, women prefer more long-lasting options, for example, gel polish, which lasts up to two weeks, or dip powder, which can last you over 4-weeks.

Dip Powder nail or SNS is the main nail trend of 2021. This technique competes today with both gel and acrylic in versatility and durability. The technology consists of dipping the nail into a special material—a colored powder. The color being of your choosing.

Any woman dreams that after visiting the salon, her nails look perfect for as long as possible. Well, dip powder nails can give you that and more. We can say that this is an additional layer of protection that allows the natural nail to grow without fear that it may break. At the same time, Dip Powder looks amazing without harming the nail plate.

Dip Powder Benefits

Gel-powder nail extensions date back to the 80s, but its composition has changed significantly over the years. With each release, it became more and more perfect. The formula improved, the degree of grinding, the density of the glue, and the composition of activators changed.

The fact is that many components that are included in ordinary acrylic are not used in the production of powder. We can say that Dip Powder is a “dietary” acrylic. Traditional acrylic contains benzoyl peroxide, which dries out the skin and nails. Dip powder does not contain this component. It is also odorless, does not contain aggressive or toxic chemicals. Instead, the dip powder is fortified with vitamins and calcium to strengthen nails.

Another advantage of dip powder is that it can be applied quickly and easily. In addition, the structure of the powder does not form air bubbles, as a result of which the layers are uniform and durable. Powder manicure does not discolor, does not flake, does not chip, and will last for at least three weeks.

Technique for Applying a Dip Powder Manicure

  1. A nutrient is applied to the prepared nail, which serves as the basis for future layers of powder. It evens out the surface of the nail, creating a strong adhesion layer.
  2. After the base coat, a modeling glue with a finer structure is applied to the nail. After that, without waiting for the glue to dry, the nails are alternately dipped into the pigmented powder. Excess powder is gently shaken off with a light tap, and the nail is covered with a layer of glue. This process is repeated several times for tighter coverage.
  3. The finished marigold is “sealed” with a special varnish.
  4. Dip powder does not require drying in a UV or LED lamp but dries simply in the air.

Technique for Removing Dip Powder From the Nail

Each nail is moistened with acetone and wrapped in foil for at least 10 minutes (soaking time depends on the thickness of the coating). After that, the entire artificial nail can be easily removed—similar to gel removal.

Dip Powder Nail Design Possibilities

The color palette of powders is very diverse. Powders blend easily to create complex nail art or ombre effects. Please note that the result of the color of the nails may differ from the shade of the powder in the jar. To achieve maximum similarity, show the manicurist the color you like so that they can match the powder with the closest possible shade.

Can I Do This Manicure Myself?

Oh sure. Just keep in mind that at first, this manicure requires concentration and quite a lot of time. If this confuses you, then we advise you to go first to the salon and see how the manicurist conducts this procedure, memorizing all the steps and life hacks, or take an online course with a provider like Future in Beauty training. And at home, it will be easier for you to repeat the dip powder-manicure.

Is This Technique Safe?

Many people ask this question, and here is what we can say in this regard: yes, but only if several conditions are met. One of the most common mistakes that many make is that they dip their nails into a jar of powder. If you are not their only client, it will probably be full of bacteria. The safest way to do this is to apply the product with a brush.

It is also important to choose the right product formula – base, top, and powder itself. Make sure that there are no harsh chemicals in the formulations of the products. Do not hesitate to ask the sellers if you plan to do a manicure at home, and from the manicurist in the salons.

Is The Dip Powder Technique Better Than Acrylic and Gel Polish?

It depends on the result you want to get. If you dream of long nails or even stilettos, then it is better to give preference to acrylic or Gel-x. If you choose between gel and powder, the main differences will be in the application (UV light vs air), texture (the gel is still smoother than powder), and “durability” (the gel lasts for two weeks, and the dip powder lasts for three or more weeks).

Have you ever used dip powder on your nails? Let us know in the comments below!