Discover the Finest Men’s Jewelry for Summer

Posted May 26, 2022 by in Fashion
cuban link chain

Summer is right around the corner, and soon it’s going to be time to attend parties, outdoor events. If you’re like most people, you’re likely looking for some fun jewelry to wear and show off your style this summer. When it comes to jewelry, styles are always changing and it can be hard to know what’s in style, what’s a classic look, and what’s simply not trending right now. If you’re looking for the finest men’s jewelry styles this summer, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll cover a few variations of a popular chain necklace style called the cuban link chain that will add just the amount of accent to your look that you need to stick out and pull your whole outfit together. If you’re curious about what chain styles are perfect for the get togethers and events you’ll attend this summer, then keep reading to learn more! 

man wearing gold chain

Cuban Link Chain 

The cuban link chain is a style of chain that is a variation on a basic cable chain necklace. Cuban link chains usually feature oval links and are available in a multitude of styles and variations of their own. These links generally form into a cable-esque pattern and have a timeless, classic look. These days, there are a handful of online retailers that offer high quality and classic looking chains that will be a classic look to rock this summer. Cuban link chains come in various sizes, styles, thicknesses and are available in both gold and silver. Next let’s take a look at a few styles similar to the cuban link chain as well as a few other classic necklace styles for this summer. 

Cornell Chain 

The Cornell chain is a slightly narrower chain similar to the shape of a cuban link chain that works great as an accent piece or an everyday necklace that adds a little flare to your style without getting in your way too much. While this necklace stands great on its own as a subtle accent piece, it also works well as a layer with flashier pieces for a more decked out look. These chains are an essential staple for anyone who likes filling out their look with jewelry. 

Rope Chain 

Rope chains are made of beautiful intertwined links and are becoming more and more popular. That’s because they offer a unique and precipitous texture that has both a rugged and clean look all at the same time. These chains are typically available in different thicknesses, metal types and casing to match any outfit you might want to pair it with. These necklaces will make for a great accent piece on their own or paired with other pieces from your collection.  

Tennis Chain 

Tennis chains are great for those that like a little bit of sparkle in their jewelry. Typically, tennis chains are lined with diamonds or jewels connected by a delicate chain. Tennis chains are a classic look for those that like an accent of decadence and are great for an everyday look, or to spice up an outfit for an event or party. While we won’t say this piece can’t be paired with other necklaces, it makes a big statement just on its own for those looking to draw some eyes this summer. 

Figaro Chain 

The figaro chain is another great chain for layering, and works fantastically as an accent piece on its own. This chain features several small links connected by a larger one, delivering a classic style with modern sensibility. This along with any of the chain styles described above would be a great collection to layer in different ways. The figaro chain is especially great for layering with small pendants and other textures of necklaces and chains. 

This summer, it’s all about having a collection of necklaces that stand on their own and work together for a more layered and complex look. The cuban link chain is a solid base necklace, providing a nice thickness, good texture and classic look. Cornell chains are typically thinner, working as a great layer against a thicker cuban link chain. For a more textured, complex look, try a rope chain or a tennis chain. Rope chains have wonderful, intertwined shapes for a unique accent piece. Tennis chains are typically a string of jewels connected by an elegant chain for those that want a bit of sparkle in their summer look. Lastly, the figaro chain is a classic old school look that fits flush against the upper chest and works well with small pendants or other contrasting chains if a layered look is more your style. Check out these necklace styles and prepare for your events, parties and outings by upgrading your wardrobe with some timeless jewelry styles this summer!