Discussing The Best Garment Steamer To Suit You

Posted September 8, 2020 by in Fashion
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Like with most products, technology and functions evolve, services become quicker, there are more features available on household and business products, and we need to keep up if it means making life that much simpler. Life is busy enough as it is, anything to lighten the load is a tick in my books.

Ironing in our house is done if and only when it needs to be done; if we can get away with minimal crinkles without looking like we stepped out the dryer we will wear it, this was our motto until recently, but we will get to that in a second.

My mother-in-law gifted us with an old-school cast-iron iron, the ones where you fill them with hot coals just before you begin, I’m not sure if she intended for us to use it, but I thanked her nonetheless. Let’s just say it makes a great doorstop till she visits and suddenly it’s in the laundry room, not an ideal situation but one that keeps the peace, am I right ladies?

There were some genius inventions for their times which I’ll give them credit for, otherwise how else would be where we are today.

See some great versions here https://www.pinterest.co.uk/chelo43/old-fashioned-irons/  for a quick trip down memory lane, and if you’re like my in-laws, you probably still have some models lying in the attic somewhere.

As much as I love quirky pieces like those I still believe it’s better to work smarter rather than harder (quote-unquote dad), and if you have kids in the house you will know all too well how important it is to have time management:

garment steamer

How We Began our Steaming Journey

We were rushing, as per usual. One kid couldn’t find his football socks, the other child moaning to have the perfect hairstyle which I miraculously knew I had to do by reading her mind, and the mood was tense, to say the least. I had on half an ensemble and frantically trying to plug in the iron while setting up the ironing board wasn’t going well.

Cables were tangled, the legs wouldn’t click into place and the hot flushes decided that now to add to the mix was the best option to present themselves. 

To cut a long story short the iron went flying and we left the house with school socks, loose hair, and a top so crinkled I was convincing people it was a new material, oh the memories we have made are all I can put it down to.

I was done with the hassle of waiting for this bulky triangle to heat up, and not always to its full capacity of course, so I got out my laptop and notebook and began the research project of the century, well for me at least. 

A few options caught my eye and after a chat with my husband, more for educating him on what to look for instead of an iron in the next few days, I headed to the shops to purchase my new dream machine.

Steam and Iron

Irons, in general, have a vast and interesting story behind them which you can read about in this link on your well-deserved tea break, but the steam iron has just made the whole process all so smooth. Literally.

A steamer, also known as a clothes or garment steamer, is a machine that uses high-temperature steam bursts to even out and remove wrinkles. By relaxing the fabric fibers rather than ‘flattening’ them like with a traditional iron, it eliminates the risks of scorching or burning the fabric, and allows for use on more delicate materials such as silk or satin.

3 Advantages of Using a Steam Iron Machine

  • Compact ability. With more people on the go for business or pleasure and travel made easier, we often find ourselves searching for that product or item that we see as a necessity at home but too bulky to pack in the luggage. With the handheld steam machines that could fit in your handbag, life becomes easier to take from place to place.
  • Shapes and sizes. Determined by the size of the family you can buy a machine that will be up to the task without huffing and puffing, or breaking down halfway through your steaming or warranty for that matter. Models to suit all needs and households.
  • Equipment. What you see is what you get, no longer needing an awkwardly shaped ironing board or a space to fit it in, a steam iron is a handheld, quick and convenient. For clothing stores and boutiques, the larger models do have a large water tank with the attachment to wheel around and remove every crease from the shop floor.

To see the range available if you have been thinking about getting one or upgrading your traditional triangle iron and board, see a breakdown and review of the latest and top steamers and browse the options that will best suit your family dynamic, and most importantly your schedule.

Regular Versus Steam

It makes sense to realize that a steam iron is just that bit quicker than the full setup of a regular iron, some heating up in a mere15-20secs and you’re good to go. They are also great for delicate items like screen-printed football shirts or sleeves covered in ruffles that your soon to be teenager ‘had to have or she would die.’

You also don’t put the machine on the actual fabric so even the kids can use it (under supervision of course) and you don’t risk the smell of burning t-shirts wafting down the stairs, handy when you need that third hand to grab something. 

People have different views and each to their own as my granny liked to say, but at the end of the day if it works for you and makes your life that much easier and simpler what have you got to lose? 

For our family, steam ironing has changed our lives and we haven’t looked back.