DIY: Creative Rakhi Ideas Using Accessories in Your Closet

Posted July 14, 2019 by in Fashion
DIY rakhi ideas

DIY Rakhis are not a new trend as it gives another level of contentment to craft something from one’s own hands. We all know the peak creative battle of creating a whole rakhi out of colorful bands, beads and foam to win the inconsequential competition in school to make the day a little enjoyable. Rakshabandhan is a beautiful festival of promises and gifts, with celebrations and colors galore.

While there are many ways in which you can make this beautiful festival even more special, one of them is creating a Rakhi out of your creative genius for your adorable brother, or sister. All you need is to raid your closet to find trinkets, ribbons and other dazzling materials.

To make it all easy for you, here’s a guide to how you can make DIY rakhis with the accessories you can easily find in your closet. Here is the guide:

  1. Wool & Beads

With love for knitting continuing to reign supreme, these are two of the most easily found accessories in almost all Indian homes, All you have to do then, is to peak into your mother’s treasure of sewing supplies and get your hands on a good, bright colored wool and a few beads.

There are also sparkly varieties of wool nowadays along with the soft, silky ones. Once you’ve got the raw material, twist the wool around your fingers for 10-20 rounds and once done, slowly pull it out & securely tie it at the centre. Further, cut the ends of the bow & spread and press to form a flower pom pom. Tie a wooden bead at the centre & another strand behind to make the Rakhi.

  1. Sequined Rakhi

You must find stray sequins lying around your house, from all the old dresses you won’t look at anymore or a super old blouse where you had used all those sequins. Take a base, cardboard or foam or anything else you are comfortable with. Mark a pattern you are looking at, creating on the Rakhi and after marking it with pencil, fill it with sequins of different kinds and colors to add character to your Rakhi.

  1. Paper Quilling Rakhi

Paper quilling is not exactly something you can do with ingredients just found lying around unless you have quilling paper. You can take a base and create patterns out of quilling paper. Floral patterns are best and can also be easily made, but you can go as creative and intricate as you can. It comes with practice so hold on to that too. Mount it on a silk thread, and you are good to go.

  1. Pom Pom Rakhi On A Silk Thread

Pom pom rakhi is just as easily made as the wool and bead Rakhi. You need the material out of which you’d be making a pom pom which can be wool or silk thread. Wrap it around your finger, secure it with a string and cut the bow followed by spreading and pressing to create a pom pom. You can also use the soft pom pom like cotton balls and decorate them with beads and sequins to create a beautiful Rakhi.

  1. Beaded Rakhi

If you are aware of the trend of scooby strings with beads strewn in them and were one to make a complicated square and braided beauties, this one is perfect for you. All you need is to bring those skills back to life with threads, put the beads in the threads and let your scooby strings creativity flow through the strings, braided and boxed in beautiful ways to send your love across.

  1. Silk Thread Rakhi 

What’s better than flowers to express love! You can create flowers from silk cloth pieces lying around and pin and pinch them into a pattern of flowers or other patterns and mount them on a silk thread to there you have a creative royal touch treat for your loved one. Furthermore, you can just add some real flowers to the combination and make it even more special.  Also, you can get your choice of flower delivery in Mumbai and other cities to give your creativity a beautiful flow.

  1. Rakhi With Little Pearls 

You can also work with everlasting pearls in your Rakhi, by putting them on a base in the desired pattern or putting them in the Rakhi string. While you take a different design as the main attraction, you can even go for a pom pom Rakhi with silk thread and little pearls strewn in the strings to come up with something beautiful for this Rakshabandhan. To make it sweeter, you can add chocolates to this already sweet gesture and go for a combination of Rakhi with chocolates.

Make this festival of Rakhi beautiful for your brother by giving him not only a Rakhi but a piece of your love, by putting it in all in special handmade Rakhis, each designed especially for the person you care for.  Even the ingredients are all around you if you look carefully. Make it extra special by surprising your brother with combo of Rakhi with flowers, Rakhi with chocolates or Rakhi with sweets and let him know how much he means to you.