DIY Renovations & Home Styling on Any Budget

Posted February 24, 2020 by in Decor
Pink walls in living room

Are you looking to make improvements to your home but the high costs of renovations are holding you back? Don’t let a high priced contractor or an over the top renovation quote hold you back! There are plenty of do-it-yourself renovations and home styling options for any budget. Your home will be updated in no time!

Light pink walls

Paint Goes a Long Way

It may seem simple but refreshing the paint in your home can make it feel like new and also give your home a whole new personality. A few cans of paint are a cheap way to update any room or even the entire exterior of your house.

In addition, almost anyone can paint which makes it a perfect DIY project. Think about the colors you want to use and then watch a DIY painting video or two for some pointers. Then, head to your local hardware store and get your brushes and paint! You will love the results of this easy update.

Fixtures and Hardware

Another upgrade that you can easily do on your own is to replace the hardware and fixtures in your home. Switching out cabinet pulls, replacing a few light fixtures or just painting the existing hardware that you have can make a huge difference.

Most of these little fixes can be done on a minimal budget and with just a screwdriver to help the process! 

Buy on Holidays

Many stores will have sales around holidays which means you can get a good deal on the appliances, furniture or renovation materials that you need. Do some research before the holiday comes along, finding the exact items that you want and track their price. You can even call the store you are interested in and simply ask if they have holiday deals coming up.

Waiting a week or two before purchasing can save you quite a bit and make your renovation and updates much more affordable.

Consider a Loan

If you have a major project that you are taking on, you might still need extra cash, even if you are doing the renovation yourself. Small loans can help a lot in this scenario. You can easily apply for a cash loan with your personal bank or check online for a reliable lender (oftentimes, online cash loans have better rates as they are in a very competitive market!).

Once you are approved, you will have the cash you need to do your renovation right away while making the easy payments later on. You won’t mind paying back a cash loan when sitting in the comfort of your newly updated home!

Add Some Art

If you want to style your home in a new way without having to do any major renovations, consider investing in some new art or décor. Choose pieces of art that you love as you will be living with them every day! You may even want to consider making some of your own décor, tapping into your creative side rather than your DIY construction side! A few pictures, a nice vase or two and a decorative mantelpiece is a fun, cheap way to upgrade your home’s style. 

Home renovations do not have to be stressful, large undertakings. In fact, there is a lot you can do to upgrade your home with a very small budget. A little paint, some new art, and smart shopping will all help you get the home you want!

When in doubt, turn to cash loans to finance your project quickly and painlessly. You deserve that beautiful home so DIY and get it!