DIY Tips to Clean Your Rain Gutters Safely

Posted September 12, 2019 by in Home
DIY Tips to Clean Your Rain Gutters Safely

After a showery and stormy season, your house needs a small check-up. After all, your house has battled against extreme weather conditions; there surely will be marks of this battle. Sometimes, your windows get broken, plants get damaged, and lawn chairs get broken. But another thing that also needs your attention is your rain gutters. The excessive downpour and falling leaves fill them with debris, leaves, twigs and dirt.

The result is blocked gutters that can be a danger to the foundation, structure, and landscape of your house. And if they are left uncleaned for a long time, then you might have to bear the cost of gutters installation. So, you should clean your gutters regularly, especially during the rainy season.

You can hire the services of a professional gutter cleaner if you don’t want to dip your hands in the dirt. But if you want to save your money, and want to go all DIY in your gutter cleaning, then here are given some tips to clean gutters and save your house:

Get the Right Ladder

If you have forgotten in your DIY excitement, then let me remind you that gutters are located on the top of your roof and you need an appropriate ladder to reach there. If your house is one story, then you can clean your house with a normal-sized ladder. But things might get a bit tricky if you are an owner of a two story house. Find a ladder of appropriate length which is in good condition so that your DIY doesn’t end you up in some kind of trouble.

Moreover, make the ground stable by supporting both the legs of the ladder with something. Or, place something underneath the legs to make them firmly grounded on the ground.

Wear Appropriate Accessories

Besides the ladder, you should also be fully equipped with required accessories, like gloves and glasses. Don’t put your bare hands in the gutters because gutters can be filled with many harmful bacteria, rats and insects, including bees, wasps, etc. Leather, suede or gloves of any other thick material will be the most suitable option. Same goes with goggles; they are also essential to protect your eyes from any harmful situation.

Moreover, wear rubber shoes. They not only keep you firmly grounded on the rung of the ladder, but will also make your moment safer in case you have to step on the roof for cleaning gutters.

Keep Someone on a Watch Out

Despite all your efforts to stay safe, things can get wrong anytime. Your ladder can slip, an agitated bee can bite you, or you might need a tool. That’s where the spotter can help you. It is also better to ask someone to hold your ladder even if you stabilized it on the floor.

Once you are done removing all the dirt and debris, wash out the gutters with appropriate water pressure so that you wouldn’t damage the gutters. But in case you feel that you wouldn’t be able to ensure your security, call in a professional gutter cleaning service. Money isn’t important than your safety!

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