Do Millennials Get Enough Sleep?

Posted July 18, 2019 by in Health + Fitness
Do Millennials Get Enough Sleep?

What’s one thing millennials complain a lot about these days?  The feeling of being exhausted all the time. They complain about being tired, having low energy, and sluggish on most days. Why do a lot of these people from this generation feel that way? 

Why are they so tired? Why are they so exhausted? Why does this happen when as they say, they are at their peak? They should be at their prime, but it seems they can’t cope with the fast-paced life these days. 

The reason behind these? It’s because millennials are sleep-deprived. One can only do so much with little to no sleep at all. You can have a well-balanced diet, regular exercise but if you lack sleep? That won’t cut it. 

Why are millennials not getting that much needed rest anyway? 

Too much screen time. – One of the greatest innovations these days are in the field of technology. This generation is hugely dependent on their gadgets. Well, technology do make things convenient and that’s a good thing. However, there’s a downside to that – it’s linked to millennials’ lack of sleep. 

You can connect to people, know the latest news, shop online with just a few taps on your mobile phone. Staying connected is addicting. To be the first one to hear the news, the latest – it’s addicting because it’s so easy to connect. 

Because of this, millennials are still glued to their screen even if they’re about to sleep. They are already tucked in their bed but they are still online. Aside from the overly stimulated brain due to online activity, there’s another reason why unmoderated use of gadgets is bad. 

The blue light coming from the electronic devices is not good because it suppresses melatonin production, a hormone that “tells” us to sleep. Without that hormone, it’s harder for you to sleep. 

Too much pressure.  – The culture of perfectionism is prevalent among this generation. There is the need get the best education, to be successful at what you do, at the same time contributing something good to the society – the need to be everything. 

Of course, that’s impossible and too much pressure for anyone. However, a lot of millennials still strive for that. What’s one of the detrimental effects? Sleep-deprivation, of course. Because of their need to accomplish so much within the day, they are willing to forego sleep. 

And if they do sleep, they just try to get a quick nap, on their desks, sofas. Not really a good replacement for the good, reliable mattress. In fact, some of them don’t even have a proper bed! It’s so easy to get one now. Don’t be intimidated how bulky beds are, you can actually buy a mattress in a box

Never underestimate the power of a comfortable bed when it comes to sleeping. Buy one if you need to. Don’t argue that there’s no time to do it as you can buy mattress online. While it seems like it’s a good idea to take naps whenever you can and wherever you are, millennials forget that they need a good night’s rest on their beds – undisturbed of course. 

Unhealthy diet. – This is related to the second point. Because of their need to achieve so much, millennials try to extend their days as much as they can. With the help of unhealthy food, of course. 

They increase consumption of caffeine, sugary and carbohydrate-heavy food (fast food because they are readily available for busy millennials), and nicotine to keep up with their lifestyle. All of which can affect the sleep cycle. 

This is a wake-up call for millennials. Getting into these habits – technology addiction, chasing perfection, unhealthy diet isn’t good for your physical and mental health. Sleep is important at any age, more so for the lifestyle these millennials are leading nowadays.