Do You Still Believe These 7 Myths About Wigs?

Posted August 3, 2023 by in Beauty

People who put on wigs do so for various reasons including medical or fashion. While wigs have been worn for centuries, they are surrounded by a lot of misconceptions which prevent people from embracing them fully. This article attempts to demystify 7 of the most common myths about wigs.

1.   Wigs Are Uncomfortable And Itchy

A great misconception about wigs is that they are usually itchy when worn. This is not accurate because wigs, especially the modern kinds such as the curly wig with bangs, are made using lightweight materials such as human hair or synthetic fibers which offer comfort to the wearer. Additionally, quality wigs feature breathable caps that allow airflow to the scalp, minimizing discomfort and itchiness.

2.      Wigs Always Look Fake

Advancements in wig manufacturing have led to highly realistic and natural-looking options. Wigs of high quality are usually meant to emulate natural hair as they come with realistic colors and texture. With the right level of style, it can be difficult for people to actually tell the difference when one wears their natural hair or a wig.

3.      Wigs Damage Natural Hair

Wearing wigs does not inherently damage natural hair. If anything, wigs can go a long way in protecting your hair by creating a barrier against surrounding elements and minimizes heat exposure and the need for one to style themselves excessively. While that is true, it’s imperative to always ensure your wig is fitted properly as having it too tight could lead to hair breakage.

4.      Wigs Are For Those With Hair Loss Problems

Despite being suitable for people with hair loss problems, wigs are not entirely designed for this purpose. Because they are a fashion accessory, wigs make it possible for a person to change the color of their hair, the style or even the length, creating an impressive change to their natural look.

5.      Wigs Are High-Maintenance

Wigs do require some maintenance, but it is not as overwhelming as many believe. Proper care, such as regular washing and styling, can help maintain the wig’s quality and longevity. Additionally, synthetic wigs are generally low-maintenance, as they retain their style even after washing.

6.      Wigs Are Too Expensive

While high-quality wigs made from human hair can be pricier, there are various options available to suit different budgets. Synthetic wigs offer affordability without compromising on style and appearance. Additionally, investing in a wig can be a cost-effective choice, as it reduces the need for frequent salon visits or expensive hair treatments.

7.      Wigs Limit Physical Activities

Contrary to popular belief, wearing a wig does not limit your physical activities. Quality wigs are designed to stay secure during movement and can withstand various activities, including exercise, dancing, and sports. Additionally, wig accessories like wig caps and adhesives can provide additional security and peace of mind.

Dispelling the myths surrounding wigs is essential to understanding their versatility, comfort, and benefits. Wigs are not only meant for people with hair loss issues but are an accessory of fashion that allow people to express themselves in creative ways. Furthermore, they are not high-maintenance, expensive, fake, and do not limit physical activities as some people may believe.

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