Does Your Skin-Care Routine Need A Makeover?

Posted July 30, 2015 by in Beauty

I’m finding a lot of reasons to look deeper into my skin-care routine at the moment. I’ve been looking at some articles about the effects our diet has on our skin and it’s quite scary. But I have to admit, those days when the junk food intake is high, my skin does seem to look a little drier and less happy.

Luckily, I’m pretty good at eating healthy on a regular basis, and my skin-care routine is very important to me. That means I don’t have to worry about my skin going crazy too often, but like everyone, I still get little blemishes. I also have a few marks and scars that I wish would go away. When you read the reviews of Skinceuticals and other skincare brands it’s obvious that there are a vast array of products out there that can make our skin a much nicer canvas. Good makeup really does wonders for covering them up, but what about getting rid of some of those ‘imperfections’ permanently? Things like microdermabrasion could be considered since so many spas and salons offer it these days, but lets face it; fancy spa treatments are expensive!

But what about at-home treatments and tricks? Below are some ways to get clearer and healthier skin without spending a fortune:

Consider At-Home Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is a clever technology that can be used to reduce the visibility of scars and large pores. It smooths the skin’s texture, too. For a concise microdermabrasion at home guide, you don’t need to look far. There are lots of guides on the internet to check out.

I also tested out an at-home microdermabrasion device a few months back and found I got great results. Especially on my hands!

Does Your Skin-Care Routine Need A Makeover? //

Change Your Eating Habits and Skin Care Routine During Your Period

If you have skin that is regularly affected by hormonal changes, then a change in diet during ‘that’ week could help. Some women get dry skin, but I get extremely oily. Some foods that are thought to help with oily skin include Brazil nuts and tomatoes.

You should also open up the pores to let the excess toxins out by taking a long (and hot) shower. Then use a cleanser and toner meant for oily skin.

Once your skin is back in balance, you can resume your regular skin-care routine. If you regularly see blocked pores, you might want to try a daily drink of lemon infused water. The acidic lemon is thought to cleanse you from the inside, giving your body and skin a little boost.

Picture perfect lemons

Make Sure You’re Getting Enough Nutrients and Fluids

If your diet is a little lacking in nutritional value, you might want to reconsider your choices. Even if you’re opting for supplements, your skin needs certain vitamins and minerals. I personally try to eat two servings of greens a day (if not more).

I also drink over 60 ounces of water a day. I had to train myself to do that, but I’m more energized when I’m not dehydrated.

Green Smoothie!

I know there will come a day when I’m more worried about wrinkles than blemishes. Perhaps what I do now for my skin will come to fruition when I hit middle age. Everyone says good skin is in your genes, but I think we can help out a little with good skin-care, sunscreen, good diet, and a few little spa treatments.