Donate to Feel Great—7 Things You Could Give to Others

Posted October 8, 2020 by in Lifestyle

Donating to others is something that we often promise ourselves that we’ll do if ever we can afford it. You might take unwanted goods, such as toys that your children have grown out of, to your local charity shop, but, beyond that, giving might not be something that you can afford to do right now. 

The good news is, money is by no means the only thing that you can donate. Don’t worry if you still love all of your clothes and homeware. You don’t have to give them up either. The better news is that while donating is good for recipients or charities that are receiving from you, it’s great for you too. Donating can improve your mood, boost your confidence, and generally help you to feel good. Which, in these turbulent times, is something that few of us can afford to pass up.

Here’s a look at some of the reasons you should donate what you can and some of your options for giving to others:

Why You Should Donate

There are probably more reasons to donate than you might imagine. And, most of them benefit you. As Phoebe Buffay once said, there are no selfless good deeds

To Help Others

Right, the first reason to donate, and certainly one that should never be overlooked, is that it helps others. By donating, you can improve someone’s quality of life, or even save their life. You can give them hope for the future or a brand-new opportunity.

You might also be able to help a struggling charity by donating your old clothes and stuff that can be sold from a thrift store, who will then go on to help countless others in their time of need. 

To Make Yourself Happier

What could make you happier than knowing that you have saved or improved a life? Many of us have felt anxious and uncertain this year. You might be struggling with your mood or mental health, and giving to others can be a fantastic boost.

Giving Can Be Good for Your Health

Giving money isn’t necessarily good for your health, apart from the sense that anything that makes you happier can help. But, giving your time absolutely can be.

Research shows that retirees that work in charity stores or other volunteer centers live for an average of 5 years longer than those who don’t. 

Donations Improve Social Connections

Some kinds of donations are done online, with no physical contact with other people. But, many are done face to face. Donating your time, or a part of yourself is a fantastic way to meet new people.

Whether these people end up being great friends, or simply people that you say hi to during your donation sessions, the social connection is still important. 

Give More, and You’ll Be More Grateful

When we give, we become more grateful for what others are doing, for us, but also for the wider world. We become more aware of the effort that goes into keeping charities alive, healthcare, and taking care of others, and we’re more grateful for the help that we get when we need it. 

Giving Helps You Realize What You’ve Got

If money is tight, it can be easy to think that you haven’t got anything and that your life isn’t worth much. Money problems are a leading cause of depression and worry, and something that many of us struggle with at some point. 

If you can’t donate money, donate something else. This helps you to see that despite everything, you have something that other people need. In this way, at least, you’ve got something worthwhile. This can be a great confidence boost. 

So, what can you donate?


If you’ve got some spare cash to donate, fantastic. Money can help charities to do more good and should never be overlooked. Even the smallest donations are appreciated. 

If you don’t want to give money outright, buying from charity stores is another great way to give. 


You might not have spare money, but have you got time? Donating your time to working for a charity, volunteering at your local library or health center, or giving your time to help people applying for jobs, preparing their CVs, or learning new skills can be tremendously helpful. 

When you give someone money, you help them once. Give them the skills they need to get a job, and you’ll help forever. 

Hygiene Products

Women all over the world struggle without feminine hygiene products every month. There are women and girls in our own and other developed countries who miss school and work because they don’t have the products they need. 

Some people don’t have soap, toothpaste, and other essential hygiene products. Imagine how this could hold you back? Even popping a toothpaste in a food bank collection box could help someone. 


The coronavirus pandemic has left millions of people suddenly unemployed. Even people who previously had good jobs and lifestyles find themselves struggling. It’s come as a huge shock, and many are struggling to feed their families. Donating food to a charity, a food bank, or even cooking a casserole for a neighbor is a lovely thing to do. 


You might think that you’ve got nothing to give. But, ask yourself what you know? High levels of unemployment, and specific sectors suffering, means that millions of people are looking for a career change, with no experience or skills. Could you help? 

Blood (and Other Parts)

Every time you donate blood, you could save up to three lives. Adult women can give blood every sixteen weeks. Which means you could save 12 lives every single year. It’s easy, painless, and free. Why wouldn’t you?

You can also donate plasma, eggs, breast milk, and even hair. Learn more about egg donation and contact your local blood donation center for more information. You may search online for the nearest Biolife Plasma Services for plasma donation. Being an industry leader in plasma-based therapies, they’ve built a good reputation with ways they can help people, and they offer lots of opportunities for donors too. Plasma donors receive generous compensation through Biolife promotions.

Your Pet

Pets have proven mental health benefits, especially for lonely older people. Unfortunately, not every pet lover can keep an animal full-time. Join a website that connects people with pets, with people who love pets, to share your animal with someone crazing company, exercise, and comfort. 

Donating to charities, businesses, or directly to other people, is, thanks to the internet, easier than ever. Look for opportunities in your local area and think about ways that you can help others. Then, enjoy all of the benefits that donating will bring you.