Don’t Be Short-Changed: 10 Tips to Appear Taller

Posted October 26, 2021 by in Lifestyle

In a world where people view the men in their lives by their height, it can be a bit daunting if you fall on the shorter side. Sure, being five-foot-nine is the average for men on the planet, but you might worry that all your significant other thinks is “he’s not six-foot tall”.

That doesn’t mean you can’t make yourself appear taller; there are plenty of tricks you can use to mimic the effects of being a tall gent. You just need to learn how to style your clothes in a certain way, and maybe even boost your self-esteem to appear larger than life.

Before we get into the tricks you can use to make yourself appear taller, it’s important you know what you’re up against.

It’s not as simple as just making yourself look taller; men who are six-foot-one actually appear taller than those who are five-foot-ten.

According to a study, the taller you are, the more confident you feel and the more you believe in yourself.

So, even if you’re five-foot-ten, there’s no reason to feel short-changed:

1. Always wear darker colours

You might notice that all the male models you see in the fashion industry are wearing darker colours. It’s no coincidence because darker colours can help you appear taller, especially if you’re wearing darker colours on top and lighter ones on the bottom.

But why is that?

Wearing darker colours, especially navy, black or grey on top, means that your clothes are darker than your skin tone, meaning your legs will appear longer than usual.

2. Choose vertical stripes

This might sound like a strange one, but it actually works.

Wearing vertical stripes on your legs can make you appear taller.

As vertical stripes are longer than horizontal ones, they’re actually making your legs look longer than if you were wearing something with horizontal stripes.

3. Wear clothes that fit well

Clothes that don’t fit well are an instant giveaway that you’re not as tall as you appear to be.

Wearing trousers that are too long or too short can make you look shorter, so make sure you buy clothes that fit you well.

If you’re not sure about clothes sizes, buy clothes that are a little bit big than clothes that are too tight.

4. Buy well-fitting shoes

Well, well-fitting shoes are important for anyone, but it’s even more important for shorter men because the wrong shoes can actually make you appear shorter.

The best type of shoes are those that are well made and have a thick sole, as the thick sole will make your legs appear longer. There are even some height increasing boots on the market, and they do exactly what’s in the name.

5. Invest in tailored suits

A well-fitted suit is the ultimate way to appear taller because it makes you look much slimmer.

The effect of wearing a well-fitted suit is much better than wearing clothes that are too small.

6. Wear your clothes with confidence

Confidence is the ultimate key to making yourself appear taller.

If you’re standing up straight with your shoulders back, you’re automatically giving off an impression that you’re taller.

The more confident you are, the more you’ll appear to be taller, and the more confident you look, the more people will believe you’re tall.

7. Ditch the high heels

Unless you’re a model, you’ll actually appear to be shorter when you’re wearing high heels.

The reason high heels make you appear shorter is because they’re elongating your legs.

If you want to appear to be taller, ditch the high heels and go for a pair of boots instead.

8. Go for straight-leg jeans

There’s a reason why so many male models and male celebrities wear straight-leg jeans: they make you appear taller.

Wearing straight-leg jeans instead of skinny jeans, will make your legs appear longer.

9. Wear a belt

Belts are actually a very important part of dressing well for shorter men because they can make you appear taller.

Wearing a belt with your trousers will give you a much more defined waist, which will make you appear to be much taller.

10. Try not to stand next to a taller person

This one is pretty obvious, but like we said earlier, it’s not as simple as just making yourself appear taller.

The effect of standing next to a taller person is that you’ll appear to be a lot shorter, and a lot less confident.

Make sure you avoid this at all costs.

This list should help you make yourself appear taller, even if you’re the shortest man in the room.

So, you might not be able to grow another inch, but you can definitely make yourself look like you’re taller than you really are.

But you shouldn’t feel the need to change for anyone other than yourself. Everyone is unique, and you’re no different. If you are happy with yourself, then that’s all that matters!