Drain Cleaning FAQs for Homeowners

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Drain cleaning is one of the core services offered by our team, both on an as-needed rota and as part of our drain maintenance service provision. When you call on our drain cleaning London team, you benefit from the highest level of expertise and experience, with London Drainage Facilities utilising the highest grade of equipment and technology with both in-drain cameras and drain jetting technology to flush away potential blockages and leave the system working efficiently and smoothly. 

With the tools and skills required to service domestic properties as well as commercial spaces, we work with clients across London and beyond. Keep reading to find out if your pending question is one of the FAQs we regularly receive.

What do you use to effectively clean drains? 

Here at London Drainage Facilities, we engage a combination of skill and expertise with the best equipment in the industry, which allows us to not only flush drains efficiently but also allows us to identify issues, pinpoint blockages, and get to the root of the issue before we solve it. 

Whether you are experiencing a drain block or not, our team can be onsite in record time – offering a combination of practical support and advice and education to ensure that any blockages are dealt with and that you understand how to avoid future issues.  

Do I need drain cleaning even if my drain system is working fine?

One of the most common questions we get asked is about the need for regular drain cleaning, and whether drain cleaning is necessary for homes and properties where their drainage system is already working efficiently. 

Our drain maintenance cleaning is a service which uses our high quality and industry leading equipment to flush your drains and ensure that any potential blockages are washed away before they can become established blockages. A major problem that many homeowners without drain maintenance find is that their systems can work perfectly one day and exhibit major issues the next – with drain cleaning one of the only ways of ensuring and safeguarding the efficiency of the drainage network in the long run.  

How often should I book a drain cleaning service

Depending on the size of your property and the complexity of your drainage system, a cleaning and maintenance service can take anything from a single hour to several hours or even more. Clients should note that if, on arrival, we find signs of a drain block then our services change, and we may need to bring in more equipment to first diagnose and identify the blockage and then flush it out. Drain repairs are also something that we offer if required, as every drain blocking case is different in terms of its unique needs.

Generally, we advise that clients book a thorough drain cleaning service a couple of times per year, regardless of whether they are experiencing the signs and symptoms of a drain blockage. Remember, prevention is better than a cure and it is much easier and cheaper to manage ongoing maintenance than it is to fix a blocked drain. 

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