Dreaming of Sleeves for Your Wedding?

Posted July 9, 2020 by in Lifestyle

Most women spend their lives, up until the day, dreaming and planning their Pinterest-worthy wedding down to the littlest of details. Particularly what most women spend their time envisioning is what their outfit will look like on that special day.

Whether it’s a show-stopping jumpsuit or an elegant ball gown, sleeves are a hot trend for a woman’s wedding attire this year. You can choose any type of sleeves for your wedding dress—flowy, tight, minimal, or detachable.

Let’s go over the different options to find what’s right for you:

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Traditionally, most women chose strapless wedding dresses with a full skirt with a corseted bodice and a sweetheart neckline. Sleeveless wedding gowns are similar to gowns with straps. However, the straps are wide enough to hold the dress in place. The coverage provided is more when compared to that of simple straps. 

If you want something that stands out, look for a dress with halter straps, spaghetti straps, or thick straps. If you’d like to highlight your neckline, illusion straps made with delicate lace might be a great option for you.

Bateau and halter necklines are common with sleeveless wedding gowns. But you can also choose other neckline options such as high-neck, asymmetric, square, jewel, or Queen Anne.

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Short Sleeves

Short sleeves will also look good on wedding dresses, especially if you are choosing something short. Here are a few options you can consider:

  • Cap sleeves – Cap sleeves are sleeves that cover only the uppermost portion of your shoulder. Round in shape, they get attached only to the top of your gown with no fabric underneath your arm. One of the most popular options for sleeves in wedding dresses, cap sleeves add a touch of romanticism, by providing the right amount of coverage.
  • Off the shoulder – Trendy and comfortable, off-the-shoulder is a great option for a wedding dress if you are game to show some skin. Make sure you choose the right cut and style and accessorize it with a piece of attractive jewelry.
  • Puff sleeves – These are short sleeves with gathers at the top and the cuff. These gathers create fullness in the middle by allowing the sleeves to puff up. Whether you choose a short length dress or a full-length one that shows off your curves, puff sleeves can be perfect for a dramatic look.
  • Butterfly sleeves – Similar to puff sleeves, butterfly sleeves are puffed at the top and left loose at the hem. There is no cuff, and they don’t taper off like puff sleeves. With a low-cut wedding dress, these sleeves are elegant.
  • Tulip sleeves – These sleeves are made from two overlapping pieces that give the look of a tulip flower. They offer a beautiful and vintage look to your wedding dress.

short wedding dress with sleeves

Elbow-Length, Three-quarter, and Long Sleeves

These types of sleeves were prevalent in wedding dresses of the 1950s and the 1960s. With the recent resurgence of the vintage-inspired wedding dresses, these sleeves have now made an effective comeback. If you want to sport a traditional and formal style, these are the ones you can go for. Nevertheless, here are a few options you may want to look for: 

  • Illusion/lace – If you like sheer fabric at the neckline, this is the look you should choose for your wedding dress. Although it gives the illusion of a strapless dress, it provides maximum coverage and support. Long sleeves will look very nice with this style.
  • Juliet – A puffed sleeve with a tight-fitting extension, Juliet sleeve can be perfect for a bohemian style wedding dress. 
  • Bell – These flared sleeves were super trendy in wedding dresses in the 1970s. Nevertheless, they have come back to stay. An open sleeve with an open cuff can make your wedding dress look flattering and glamorous.
  • Bishop – Long full sleeves gathered at the wrist band, bishop sleeves were adapted from the robes that bishops used to wear. Fuller at the bottom, these sleeves may be perfect to create a whimsical effect in a bohemian style wedding.
  • Poet – Poet sleeves are fitted from the shoulder to the elbow, after which they are flared dramatically. Often ruffled at the cuff, these sleeves. A wedding dress with poet sleeves can look feminine, romantic, stunning, and youthful, provided you choose a light-weight sheer or soft-lace fabric.

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Try Before you Buy

Imagine yourself in a wedding dress with each of the sleeves mentioned above before you decide on what looks best on you. In fact, visit a boutique that sells wedding dresses and try out different styles to find out what suits you the best.

Chances of going wrong are minimal when you choose to try before you buy.