Dressing for Other People Is a Problem, and Here Are Some Sure Signs That You’re Guilty

Posted June 13, 2021 by in Fashion

It’s no exaggeration to say that what we wear can transform our lives, impacting everything from how we feel to how we approach any given situation. With this in mind, finding your one true fashion and tailoring your wardrobe towards that objective is the best way to treat yourself and become the person that you know you can be. Yet, when it comes down to it, surprisingly few of us embrace these self-care benefits, instead falling into the trap of dressing for the sake of others.

This is a significant problem for your daily confidence, and it also prevents you from ever feeling the benefits of a truly powerful wardrobe. Here, we’re going to consider three signs that the trap of appeasing fashion has you hooked, and how exactly you can free yourself from that curse. 

Person's hand looking through a wardrobe of shirts.

Sign 1 – You Squeeze into Uncomfortable Items

From crazy high heels to clothes that are just too tight, we’ve all made the mistake of wearing uncomfortable outfits to impress. Unfortunately, if your clothes aren’t comfortable or don’t make you feel at ease, it’s always going to knock your confidence instead of bolstering it.

To overcome this, it’s crucial to realize that comfort is key to wise, self-driven fashion choices. This doesn’t mean you need to head out in your joggers, but it does mean you should step away from impractical popular fashion in place of adaptive fashion for women that’s actually designed with you, and your personal needs in mind. Clothes like these are guaranteed to feel better, and they’ll automatically look better as a result of that. 

Sign 2 – You Blindly Follow Fashions

Nothing beats a good catwalk show or a new season release for delving into entirely new looks. However, if you’re blindly following even the fashions that you secretly struggle to get behind, you’re again falling foul to fashion for appeasement. After all, no one can love all of the fashion all of the time! Instead, it’s worth using new fashions as a rough guide, showing you what works, and also what doesn’t so that you’re better poised to create a cutting-edge wardrobe that works for you rather than for others every single season.

Sign 3 – You’re Repurchasing Rather Than Reusing

When we dress for others, we often feel the need to buy a new outfit for every occasion. Given that clothing often grows with us and on us, this again prevents you from feeling the full benefits of each item. By instead giving yourself permission to reuse the items that you love, you both ensure that you get maximum benefit out of your clothes, and free yourself to experiment with accessories and different arrangements that help you to have fun with, and love, the fashion that you’re in.

For many of us, wearing clothes for the sake of others is such second nature that we don’t even realize it. Change that today by considering these ways to dress for yourself, and enjoy fashion on an entirely different level.

*Photos by Liza Summer