Dressing in Boho Style Without Looking Too Hippie

Posted May 6, 2022 by in Fashion
Happy woman in boho style wearing sunglasses and holding hat on porch

If you are into the artistic, earthy, and vibrant boho fashion style, then you truly like to express your personality. This fashion style is still trendy.

The boho style was very famous between the ‘60s and early ‘70s. To date, it has been revived. But today, people love more natural loot with a touch of a glam vibe instead of going for the all-out hippie style. 

It’s no news that rocking boho is fun. So how do you wear this style without appearing as you belong to the ’70s? This guide shows you a few ways to dress boho style – without looking too hippie.

Boho chic woman wearing a long dress and black hat walking on sand dunes

5 Ways to Look Classy in the Boho Style

Boho is still an amazing fashion style that most women love. However, below are five ways to rock your beautiful collection of boho dresses.

Rock flared jeans

Wearing a pair of flared jeans of soft faded denim color looks more west coast. This is a nice boho clothing style. They look very chic when combined with a luxurious flowy scarf top, boho peasant top, or a tunic.

You made also wear skinnies or bootcut. However, if the retro note is what you crave, then go for a nice pair of flares. To balance out wider hips, flares are a good plus. 

Mix prints

Mixing two prints is a great strategy to express that inner gypsy. For super boho fashion, feminine, and sweet style, small florals are perfect. They are appealing when lent with a form of geometric print on the fabric. On the same outfit, prints can also be mixed. A good example is mixing a Paisley print skirt with a floral top.

Experiment with earth tones

When it comes to the boho-chic style, natural colors play a vital component. If could do without noisy varieties, then you will cherish the browns, greens, gold, tan, rust, beiges, and blues that are inseparable from this natural way of dressing. Organic colored leather extras are the ideal supplement to these shades. Excellent calfskin in modern shapes keeps it stylish.

Remember the accessories

Embellishments are quite some of the most vital things in the boho style. You can add to your outfit various types of hoops, belts, neckbands, wristbands, hair extras, and shoes.

Go for normal materials like turquoise globules, leather, and valuable stones to add tone to your look. You can likewise go for long funky pendants and statement hoop earrings. You can play with styles and tones for a more varied look.

Pick free and flowy fabrics

Loosely fitted, comfortable, and flowy fabrics are important for boho clothing, so a simple method for getting the look is to rock a flowy scarf top.

This makes you look more boho-stylish than old radical – especially if you look into two things, size and quality. The chicest scarf tops are produced with a superior grade, rich textures. Use a sleek one, or chiffon-like, or made of loosened-up cloth. That’s all-around finished at the edges. Assuming your top is excessively rough, too wobbly, or very sheer, it will look cheap.

Woman in boho chic outfit sitting on bench

For decades, boho fashion has been a very famous fashion style. However, this style has also been made to look fun and fresh to date. There are different ways to rock this style, as well as what you can combine with it. Finally, you can buy boho clothing from boho life website too.

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