Dressing Like an Influencer—5 Styles You’ll Love This Spring

Posted March 18, 2021 by in Fashion

When you think of an influencer, what is the first thing that pops into your mind? Is it the Kardashian eyebrows, the fake eyelashes, or the “duck pout?” The fact is that influencers have the ability to predetermine and set fashion trends.

Fashion influencers have gained momentum over the last few years, and if you are looking for a little bit of that fashion magic from your influencers, read on, and let’s show you some style trends that can make you look like an influencer. 

Dressed Up Denim 

There’s always a place in your wardrobe for denim. Whether it’s the relaxed girl next door vibe of Courtney Tailor or Jessica Simpson’s Daisy Duke (remember her?), or the upmarket approach of Thora Valdimars and Amina Muaddi, using denim to completely dress up a look, there’s always a place for a bit of blue!

Casual, simple, and all you need to do is dress up your denim with a pair of pumps for an effortless day-to-night look. 

Woman leaning on stair ledge wearing denim, heels, and a trench coat.

Everyday Leather 

Leather is not always in favor, but there are influencers like Tiffany Hsu who have incorporated subtle pieces into their wardrobe. Leather is now a key part of any spring wardrobe, and is a perfect option for the changing seasons.

Whether it is the Noble Macmillan handbag adorning your shoulder, or the Bottega Veneta leather top, leather is always going to make you look good! 

blonde woman with blunt haircut wearing a leather jacket.

The Split Leg Trouser 

Basic, but it is something that has been dominating influencers’ styles lately. The split leg trouser is a big seller, and is a simple way for you to exert some style, especially with a leather jacket and a pair of heels.

There is nothing more simple, especially if you are heading to the office, or you want to impress on a night out.

Stylish woman wearing split leg trousers.

Relaxed Workwear

The work uniform is dead thanks to the pandemic, but if you are looking for ways to mix up your workwear, relaxed workwear comprising casual styles makes a bold fashion statement while obtaining an effortless aesthetic.

The great thing about this approach is that you can make it relaxed, but add pops of color and patterns to make it sing. 

Woman wearing an Au Revoir sweatshirt and red trousers.

The Pared-Down Approach 

If you are looking for something simple, the trench coat and sneakers look is surprisingly popular. A trench coat is not something that is always suitable in all weathers, but it pairs up with sneakers quite nicely, creating a very cool and casual aesthetic. It makes you look like you are off duty, but still communicates that style.

Whether you are running errands this weekend, or you do not want to exert much effort, this is the way to do it. 

Influencers come and go, but style is forever. It’s so easy to get caught up in contemporary trends. But these are five that are certainly doing the rounds right now. If you are looking to shake up your style, you never have to go far. Influencer style trends are always going to change, so if you are looking to shake up your wardrobe and make the most of what the world has to offer now, go for it.