Dry Shampoo

Posted June 6, 2011 by in Beauty

Dry shampoo absorbs oil (rather than rinsing it away). Once it is brushed out, it leaves your hair cleaner and lighter. It’s such a great product, because less frequent shampooing equals less heat styling damage and color loss. TIGI’s Dirty Secret was the first dry shampoo I ever used. I instantly fell in love. The way it smelled, how it took out that oily shine, and the amazing texture it gave my hair. The downfall is it’s about $18. Spending that amount of money on a hair product isn’t very Broke & Chic. I had to search for other options that weren’t so expensive…

1. TIGI/Rockaholic Dirty Secret: My personal favorite. It smelled good, lasted about two months, the white was easy to brush out, and it added great texture and volume. $18
2. Sally’s/Beyond the Zone Rock On: A good money-saving option. It’s considered a TIGI copycat so it had a lot of the same qualities. Lasted over two months, the white was easy to brush out, added great volume and texture, and perfect for both long and short hair. My only con is the smell. It’s not bad by any means –  just not as appealing as TIGI’s. $6.99
3. Suave Professionals: The best bang for your buck. It smells great, it’s easy to get out, and you don’t have to go to a salon or a Sally’s to purchase. Target, Walmart, CVS, etc… $2.47
4. Pssssst!: I really didn’t like this one. It only lasted about a week, and the white was hard to get out of my dark hair. It might work for you if you have hair no darker than a light/medium brown, but you don’t get your moneys worth since it’s gone so fast. $5.99

Cheaper Option = Baby Powder

This option is only $0.99! Dry shampoo is really just a powder that absorbs oil, so this is an option that’s extra cheap. The smell isn’t bad either! I usually put it in my hair at night and wake up with fresh oil free hair. If you do it in the morning, before you leave, make sure you let the powder sit in your hair for at least five minuets so it can actually absorb oil. Then just shake it out, brush it out, or blow dry it out.

p.s: If you have dark hair and find the baby powder hard to get out try unsweetened cocoa powder instead. It won’t give your hair a grey hue and your boyfriend will want to be around you even more because you’ll smell like a Hershey bar!