E-Learning: Instructional Strategies in Computer Education

Posted December 7, 2021 by in Career

Nowadays, it’s not a matter of surprise that a kid uses a tablet or a smartphone without any trouble. Technologies are also incorporated into the learning process. Every generation incorporates the change in technologies because it gives a thrust to the curiosity of human beings. In this era of digitalization. Advancements in cognitive psychology provide the framework for recommending instructional strategies to improve student creativity.

This article provides an introduction to the topic of computer-based software as an instructional means to enhance curricular goals associated with creativity for students as well as professionals. Information communication technology has a great effect on the present teaching and learning process. The rapid growth of web-based instruction and information also raises concern about the quality of online courses. It is so because instructional information that is too web-based is like a medicine, if it is taken correctly, it will cure disease and if not, it can cause harm too.

New instructional strategies are emerging due to the growth in technology. One of the most important prerequisites of computer education is the formulation of effective instructional strategies. It is very necessary to take this matter into consideration to achieve the set goal and accomplish the objectives in computer education regarding a student’s career.

Although Learning Management System can provide a good solution to this concern in a better way through education app. With the help of a learning management system, a strategic plan of computer education to the student can be delivered with proper detection of content with even a single education app with which a student can be comfortable enough to study. The information should be organized into learning activities that are similar and accurate with the knowledge and skills that the participants are expected to attain at the end and then only a perfect compiled information will be available for the student.

For an example to make instructional strategy effective, it is necessary to induce a number of essential elements. Those essential elements can include goal, presentation method, knowledge structure, the possibility of more exploration for example it should not be rigid, the practicability of the strategy, and learner guidance is utmost necessity here.

Under this strategic relevance few things should never be neglected that even computer education sometimes becomes a puzzle for students if not naught in an elucidate manner so students should be supported in understanding with visual examples, instructions, and explanations. Starting with lots of scaffolding, and gradually removing it as students’ progress. 

It’s been caught under a study that encouragement from a teacher or parent is correlated with students having more interest in learning computer science.  This can be as simple as saying, “You would be good at computer science”.  Treating students according to their mental capability to grasp the knowledge also comes under strategic instructional plan for not only computer education but also in any kind of education. So, few more strategies can be induced regarding computer education such as all types of media should be used to show that everyone is capable of computer science.

Tutors should allow learners to see people like them doing computer science in videos, articles, or on posters as another form of encouragement. It should be taken into consideration also that strategies should confirm the scenario that students should not leave room for help but should seem confident enough having been instructed in a strategic manner by the instructor so as to ensure their success. It should also help the learner to remain focused within the learning process and at the same time track progress, they should also enable the learner to understand the objective of learning is not always perfection.

The instructional strategies put in place should address the trends and challenges within information communication technology and the effect that they have on e-learning. Now few more important things regarding this issue should be taken into concern too such as roles should be assigned to students working in groups. Individual accountability and group rewards can increase success of students with learning disabilities. Prepare students for collaboration by explicitly teaching strategies and language for asking peers for help and offering support.  

Computer technology has positively influenced contemporary instruction strategies by making it effective and efficient. This is through the process of invention and innovation that has led to the development of e-learning and with the help of Learning Management System. The designers who design instructional strategy should contribute towards the creation of online courses that are a conversion of the traditional type in their effort to revolutionize learning. 

*Photos by Julia M Cameron