Earn Free Gas Money Whenever You Shop Online with Gulf Power Points

Posted December 18, 2015 by in Lifestyle

Christmas is only seven days away and people are starting to scramble to get everyone’s gifts in order. Unfortunately, the holiday season can be such an expensive time. First, you have your parents, siblings, close friends, and maybe even a significant other. Then you have to consider purchasing a secret santa gift for that co-worker you barely know, and maybe even a roommate or two. And to add to the growing checklist, you have to consider wrapping paper, bows, decorations, ingredients for cookies, and maybe even something for yourself (such as gloves or a scarf since it’s about to get colder).


But what if I told you there’s a way to make money as you spend it? You would think I’m crazy, right? Well, believe what you want cause I found a way:

I was recently introduced to Gulf Power Points. In short, you’re able to earn points while shopping online at your favorite retailers which will then result in making gas money — something pretty much everyone needs. Especially during the holidays due to all the extra travel!

If you still think I’m making this up, get more details below:

Earn Free Gas Money Whenever You Shop Online with Gulf Power Points // www.brokeandchic.com

What is Power Points?

It is an online shopping portal where you can make purchases with all your favorite brands, print coupons, and earn points to lower the amount of money you spend on gas.

Get your Christmas shopping done at Best Buy and Kohl’s… Treat yourself with a purchase from Nordstrom and Sephora… Spruce up your home with decor from Wayfair… Power Points lets you do all of the above and more, all while saving money on Gulf gas. What’s better than free gas?!

So Where Can You Shop? 

There are a ton of retailers that are on the platform, my favorites being Zappos, Old Navy, Warby Parker, Macy’s, Target, J.Crew Factory, Everlane, Topshop, Barney’s New York, and Sally Beauty (but there’s a ton more).

Earn Free Gas Money Whenever You Shop Online with Gulf Power Points // #brokeandchic

Always shopping 😉

Here’s How To Get Started

1. Join! Sign up at GulfPowerPoints.com.

2. Shop online through the Power Points portal, or in-store with printed coupons and linked loyalty card deals.

3. Earn points for every purchase. Each earned Power Point equals one dollar. No complicated math.

4. Save on Gulf gas when you redeem your Power Points for a Gulf Gift Card or to lower your GulfCard bill.

Want $5 in gas right off the bat? Just sign-up using this special link! I personally bought a little somethin’ somethin’ from Warby Parker, and when you use Gulf Power Points with Warby you can get up to 12% cash back for gas! Some stores only have 1% cash back for gas, and others have a higher rate. I found that on overage, 8% cash back was the norm.

Due to the $5 from the sign-up link above, the $3 treat from Gulf for downloading the Chrome extension, and my 12% cash back from Warby, I now have $19 in free gas! I still have to buy a few more presents over the weekend, so I’m sure that number will grow and grow.

coffee is bae #brokeandchic

So, the next time you buy something online, consider shopping through Gulf Power Points. Yay free gas money!

*I teamed up with Gulf Power Points for this post.