Easy Digital Tools That Will Make Writing Your Resume a Breeze

Posted March 4, 2020 by in Career
Woman handing over resume

Whether you are actively looking for a job or want to be ready to do so if the need arises, your resume is the one document that determines whether you’ll be called for an interview or not. You are likely one of the dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of applicants for the position. You need a resume that will grab the hiring manager’s attention that they’ll actually want to read it to the very end. 

Your resume should be simple, easily customized and easy to read. The content of your resume is certainly important. However, not nearly enough credit is given to how much a resume’s format and visual appeal work to persuade recruitment managers. 

There are hundreds of digital tools out there that can help you create a persuasive resume. Here’s a look the ones that’ll make you stand out:

how to write a good resume


The people at ResumeBuild recognized how time-consuming and frustrating creating a winning resume could be. They have created an online resume builder that promises to generate professional resumes quickly and easily using some of the best resume building technology available in the market today. 

Watch your work come together in real-time with the resume preview. Read through a wide range of pre-written examples or ideas. Choose from dozens of resume templates that are viewed favorably by leading HR executives and practitioners.

Resume Example

Getting a job can be very difficult—especially if you’re applying to a job with many applicants. How our parent’s did their resumes, and how we were taught in school is no longer acceptable—just boring black and white. Now we need to do our best to stand out from the crowd, but it can be difficult to do that when you don’t know what others are doing for their resume. That’s where Resume Example comes into play.  This service uses their database to search resumes that match your industry and they show you what formats and copy are trending. From there, you can use their templates to make your own stand-out resume.


The simpler your resume is, the easier it is for your skills to shine through. At least that’s the guiding philosophy MyPerfectResume.com adheres to with its resume builder. This cloud-based application offers more than 30 templates and over ten different fonts. With this, you have a diversity of options, but not too many that you become overwhelmed. 

Create your resume from scratch or upload your current resume as a draft that you can then update in both content and format.


Ideally, a resume is so important that you want to dedicate several hours to perfecting it before you send it out with your next job application. Unfortunately, there will be times when life happens, thus dramatically shrinking the time you have to send your application. 

For example, a friend notifies you about an open position you are perfectly suited for but the application deadline is in less than an hour. 

For such time-starved, high-pressure moments, you need a tool that allows you to create a resume in the shortest time. Enter INeedAResu.me. This simple web-based software lets you update or create a resume in under ten minutes. Unlike the other tools discussed here, INeedAResu.me has just four templates, which is in keeping with its theme of speed. 


Whether you are changing careers or creating an entrepreneur resume for your side hustle, Resumonk helps you write and update different resumes for your different skill sets. Choose from 20 templates and even create a different cover to go along with each resume. Once done, you can download the resume in either Microsoft Word or PDF version.

At least three of the templates allow you to embed a photo at the top of the document, which may be necessary when applying for certain jobs. 

A good resume can help you land a new job with a new employer, showcase your achievements when angling for an internal promotion, win a seat at a prestigious board or be invited as an expert speaker during an industry convention. Use these tools to make your resume your ticket to career and professional success.