Easy Steps To Make Your Home Warm And Cozy For Winter

Posted October 20, 2021 by in Home

With the winter season fast approaching, you are likely looking to transform your home into a warm and cozy space. No matter if you want to host a get-together with friends or spend the evenings relaxing, it is important to be warm and comfortable in your own home. If this is your aim, use these easy tips to achieve a warm home for the winter:

Repair Your Furnace

You might not have turned your heating on for over 6 months and should your air quality at home feel different or not as efficient as before, getting furnace repair will improve your air conditions and help you stay warm throughout the winter.

You won’t want to sit at home all winter without heating. Therefore, get it repaired as soon as possible so you can enjoy a longer and cozier winter.


Nothing is cozier than a candle-lit evening at home. Not only do candles add a beautiful warm glow to the home, but they are a great heat transmitter too. 

Add them to rooms that you often use, as it can be very dangerous to burn candles when they are unattended. 

To further enhance the coziness of the space, it can be a good idea to burn candles with warming scents, such as figs, cinnamon, and patchouli. 

Extra Textures

Adding extra textures can trick the mind into thinking that the body is warmer. Different textures can enhance the invitingness of the space as well as the warmth. 

The more textures you have in a room, the better the heat will be held. Therefore, the more textures the better in winter.

More Layers

On that note, adding more layers to your rooms will ensure to add more warmth. For instance, if you typically have one layer in the summer on your bed, then you will want to increase that for the winter. Adding two to three layers will increase the warmth and coziness. 

Layers do not apply to just the bedding. Adding more layers to your living spaces with rugs, blankets, and cushions will also help to increase the warmth and coziness of the space. 

Closed Windows

Although closing your windows is an obvious way to keep the heat in, not enough of us do it. Although it’s good to let out old air and germs, it is important to keep them closed as long as possible to attain the heat. 

Should you notice cracks in the windows, make sure to get them fixed as soon as possible to prevent air from leaking. 

Cozy Lighting

The right lighting will add to the coziness of your home. Harsh and bright lighting can detract from the calmness and invitingness of the space. 

Whereas soft and warm lights will enhance the warmth of the space and help you relax when you are unwinding in the evening. Using lamps as opposed to ceiling lights can help to create a warmer and more calming atmosphere, which is what you want during the colder winter months. 

How do you make your home extra cozy when the temps drop? Let us know in the comments below!

*Photos by Karolina Grabowska