Easy Ways to Create a Snug Room

Posted October 8, 2020 by in Decor

As soon as autumn makes an appearance and the temperatures start to drop, it is natural to start thinking about how to create a warm home for winter.

With energy prices rising, it is a good idea to try and use your space carefully, and a small room can make the perfect snug for the whole family to cozy up to when the Mercury falls:

woman cozy in bed with tea and her dog.

What is a Snug Room?

Traditionally, a snug room is a small room in the house that you can turn into a cozy den-like area, an adult blanket fort if you will where you can watch television, read a book, relax and chill whilst being cozy and warm.

Interior designers and builders will tell you that over the last few years the popularity for snug rooms has rocketed and they are often requested to be included in new designs.

So how do you create a snug room?

Soft and Cozy

One of the primary features of a snug room is an overindulgence in soft furnishings. Large throws that can be wrapped around your shoulders, cushions and pillows for your back, and other such accessories all help to create the perfect space where you can snuggle in for the evening.

Pillows such as those stocked by Husband Pillow are perfectly shaped to support the back and ensure you are sitting comfortably without putting pressure on your spine as you while away the hours watching television.

These gorgeous pillows are shaped to create almost a semi armchair type feeling with back support coming around the sides almost hugging you in a pillow.

Combine this with some scatter cushions and other throws, and you have the perfect basis for your snug room.

Gentle Colors

Another thing that can create the perfect snug room is the color palette you select. You are aiming to create a relaxed atmosphere rather than a stimulating one. Gently muted colors are perfect for this, and you can add accents with dark greys or greens and perhaps a couple of plants to reflect the hues within these.

If your main piece of furniture, the sofa or day bed is not the colors you would have preferred you can cover it with throws that perfectly complement the rest of the color scheme in the room.

Lighting Magic

Another way to create a gorgeous room that everybody will want to spend time in, and that has that snuggly warm appeal is to use clever lighting. Large pendant ceiling lights are often far too bright, and you are better off using small side lamps with some low watt bulbs that create a much nicer ambience.

You could also get some pretty cut out style shades that not only allow the light into the room but also throw pretty patterns onto the walls at the same time. 

When all these things combine you have created the perfect snug room, and you may even find you can pop the thermostat down a notch or two as people are happy to snuggle up, which in turn will save money on your heating.