Effective Equipment to Support Your Loved Ones Suffering From Joint Stiffness

Posted May 25, 2020 by in Health + Fitness
woman in wheelchair

Stiffness is more common in elderly people. Do you know that 1 in 7 Australians suffered from some joint disorder? This same report also hints that 29% of the Australian population suffered from arthritis. According to the same study, 1 out of 2 Australians suffered from severe kind of arthritis-related pain. This makes stiffness and arthritis a very common disorder in the elderly.

Arthritis is a painful disease that makes the muscles and joints sore. The severity is such that it becomes hurtful to move the limbs and the condition worsens with age. In severe cases, there is swelling in the joints. Arthritis is also known to have caused many infections and wear-and-tear related to muscle.

If you have got a loved one who is suffering from joint stiffness for a long time, here is a list of equipment you can purchase to make their lives easier:

1. Reach Extender: This equipment is an absolute blessing for elderly people. The reach extender has a clutch on the handle and claw-like mouth at the other end. It can pick up anything ranging from a paperclip to clothing. It is perfect for anyone who is suffering from stiffness in their back or hands.

2. Carrier Hook: This is a very dependable piece of invention. If your loved ones have severe back and leg pain, this is just the equipment for them. This hook can carry a huge amount of weight at once. It has a handle and a hook-like structure to hang and carry multiple grocery/shopping bags at once.

3. Jar opener: This equipment comes in handy for every household. A jar opener is a machine in which you place a tightly closed jar, and the device unwinds the lid of the jar easily for you. It is a perfect addition to the kitchen for an elderly couple, who may eventually have a problem in opening jars.

4. Cushion lift: Old people usually have problems lifting their bodies from a lower height. This cushion has hydraulics that helps them lift their bodies from a higher sitting place while ensuring they do not strain their legs. It can support them in lifting 70% of their body weight.

5. Zipper: One of the most common and important things that one does every day is zipping their clothes. However, zipping clothes can become a Herculean task for old aged people. Clutching on to something small and lifting zips up can cause neck stiffness and pain in hands.

Therefore, this simple machine is for them. It has a thick handle in the middle, with an extended chord on one side and a hook on the other end. This helps the elderly hook the zip and pull it up.

6. Bariatric Wheelchairs: Elderly people spend a lot of time on wheelchairs. Consequently, it is essential to ensure that they shouldn’t get a stiff back or hips because of the wrong chair. Bariatric wheelchairs are specially made with softer cushions and leg rests. Click here for the best bariatric wheelchairs.

7. Thick Grip Utensils: Another important thing everyone does is eating food. However, eating food can become super problematic for elderly people with slim handles on forks and spoons. Therefore, thick gripped utensils and cutlery come to save their day literally.

Since they are thick, it doesn’t take much effort to use them and they can east as much and as often as they might like throughout their day.

Stiffness in the body can be painful and irritating at the same time. The young members of the family must make sure that the elder members of the family are looked after. The gadgets and equipment listed above come in handy for the day-to-day life of old people, and they should be immediately added to the household.