Elevator Shoes – Height Commands Respect

Posted August 29, 2022 by in Fashion

We all know that how tall we are is a lottery, and that this is a big problem for guys who want to improve their stature among their peers – literally. As much as we want you to be comfortable in your own skin, sometimes you’re just looking for a fast fix to improve your confidence and style. That’s why elevator shoes are a go to for men around the planet. 

What Are Elevator Shoes?

It’s not rocket science here. Elevator shoes, also called lifts, increase the thickness of the insole between your foot and the heel compared to typical footwear, giving the appearance of greater height. The rest of the shoe works cleverly to disguise this fact, so you can wear your lifts incognito. 

How Much Extra Height Can Elevator Shoes Give Me?

Typically elevator shoes give you around 2/3 inches of extra height, depending on the make and model, but some go even higher than that. It’s a not insignificant amount, and will bump a lot of guys up to around the average height in their country. 

Yes – it is unfair how much value we place on height in society. For some people, height commands respect. But for those who are used to the reality of the situation, elevator shoes can offer a big boost in confidence. 

You might find yourself being able to better maintain eye contact with people, which could help to eliminate some of the nervousness you might feel in business or social occasions. Confidence sells, and will allow you to form better relationships and influence people.

Are Elevator Shoes Stylish?

An integral factor in designing elevator shoes is that they are discreet. This means that, by design, they look like any other piece of footwear. As a result, there are plenty of stylish options to choose from. It’s at your discretion. Smart shoes are a popular pick, and have been worn in business situations for years. Typically, they have thick soles anyway – they’re indistinguishable from their non-elevated counterparts. 

You’re no longer limited to just oxfords and brogues, however. Plenty of brands offer lifted trainers that are similar in style to the most popular designs on the market, whilst keeping their elevated soles hidden. You might want to snap a pair of these up for social occasions. 

Do Celebrities Wear Elevator Shoes?

It’s no secret that some of the biggest movie stars have a vertical challenge, though it doesn’t stop them from shining. That said, it’s not uncommon for actors to strut down the red carpet in a pair of lifts. Of course, the designs are often well hidden, but it’s speculated that Avengers star Robert Downey Jr. has a pair in his arsenal, as well as Tom Cruise and Sly Stallone. 

GuidoMaggi elevator shoes for men

Are Elevator Shoes Worth the Price?

A pair of smart looking lifts is going to cost you about as much as a good pair of smart shoes would anyway, even with the extra specifications. You have to consider that their value comes in how much they boost your confidence. Elevator shoes might be the way for you to finally forget about your vertical troubles, and lift you to a place of self-assuredness. That’s their sole purpose.