Embrace Your Wild Side: How to Wear Animal Prints Like a Pro

Posted April 29, 2019 by in Fashion

Are you always on the lookout for the latest trend alert when it comes to clothing styles? 

Well, read it here! Animal print clothing is back! 

Leopard print design can be traced all the way back to the 1920s when clothing designers began to mass-produce fashions that were born from movie stars of that era. Whether it’s leopard print, zebra stripes, or snake print you fancy, you’ll want to add some or all of them to your 2019 wardrobe. 

Wondering how to wear animal prints without being overpowering?Clothing trends often come with rules. Animal print outfits are no different. While these prints are considered classic, they can also be tricky. Let’s look at some rules that will keep you from looking like you escaped from the zoo: 

Stick to Natural-Looking Prints

When choosing animal print outfits, don’t go for the green or hot pink leopard prints. Stick to prints in the colors you would find in the wild. Unnatural prints look cheesy and less appealing. Check out Lulu & Rose for quality animal print designs. 

If Unsure, Start Out Slowly

If you are a little bit unsure of how to rock animal print designs, start out with shoes or accessories. Adding a touch of animal print with a hair scarf, scrunchie, purse, wedges, belt, bracelet or earrings will spice up any outfit. 

Don’t Wear Animal Prints from Head to Toe

Sometimes less is more. Don’t put together an outfit made up of a cheetah print sweater and cheetah print shoes and purse. That’s way too overpowering and too matchy-matchy. 

One piece of animal print per outfit is the general rule. 

Wear with Solid Colors

When wearing animal prints, you don’t have to always pair them with black or tan. Animal print designs look good with solid colors like olive green, red, burgundy and burnt orange to name a few. 

You can always throw on an animal print with your favorite pair of jeans too! 

Be Aware of Your Body Shape

Animal prints tend to draw attention and sometimes add some volume so be careful where you wear them. If there’s something you want to flaunt, by all means, highlight that area with an animal print. 

If you have long legs, for example, show them off with a pair of animal print platforms or heels. 

To Mix or Not to Mix?

The reviews are mixed on whether or not you should clash your animal prints. Some fashion bloggers say the modern way to do it is to mix and match. Others say no way. 

If you feel confident in doing it, go for it! If wearing animal prints is a stretch for you in the first place, you may want to stick to one at a time. 

Is This a Trend for You? 

Now that you’ve learned some tips and rules about animal prints, are you running out to get yourself some? Visit us at Broke & Chic for all the latest fashion advice from footwear trends to jewelry for every outfit.