Embracing Eco-Friendly Home Decor

Posted May 17, 2022 by in Home
A Potted Green Plant on White Table Beside a Bottle of Water and Books

Nature-inspired design is one of the hottest trends in interiors, reports Insider. Consumers are keen to embrace indoor plants, natural materials, and other eco-friendly touches in their homes as a way to help halt climate change and reduce their carbon footprints. There are many ways you can go green, some of which can cost thousands of dollars—such as installing solar panels, for instance. However, if you just have a small budget, and it’s time to update your interiors with a few decorative touches, there are many ways to embrace a greener lifestyle.

white interior with a metal chair and table

Choosing Natural Materials

Celebrate the beauty of nature by choosing organic, local products made of natural materials. Just a few ideas include coffee tables made of reclaimed wood, sustainably sourced wool throws, or a recycled wood dining set. If you spend plenty of time outdoors, select teak furniture, which is generally grown without artificial fertilizers and which does not require heavy irrigation. It is also durable and built to last a lifetime, so it can help you distance yourself from the ‘throwaway philosophy’ that is responsible for overfilled landfills across the globe.

Opting for Natural Fragrances

Everybody loves walking into a home that smells like fresh pine, citrus orange, or warm clove, and you can celebrate the world of fragrances by choosing products scented with therapeutic-grade essential oil instead of with synthetic fragrances. As warned by Stanford University scientists, household fragrances like synthetic musk are harmful to the environment and to marine life. Invest in an essential oil diffuser, which you can fill with various different oils depending on your mood. Choose lavender to de-stress and orange to energize you. Choose natural candles made of materials like soy with wood wicks that emit a pleasant crackle when they are burned. Unlike paraffin, soy candles do not emit dangerous chemicals like benzene and toluene when burned. Many are also infused with essential oils, thereby lending your spaces a pleasant smell.

Upcycling Existing Items

You may have small decorative items that are old and that you have no use for. Transform them into useful items and embellish them with any extra fabric, beads, crystals, and other items that can lend them a designer edge. An old kettle can be transformed into a colorful terrarium, an odd brandy glass can make a cute home for small succulents, an old basket can make a cute boho-chic lampshade. You can even convert an unwanted drawer into a cute chalkboard. Collect materials like rope, paint, an electric saw, and a glue gun, gather the things you want to throw away, and think of how you can give them to new life with the materials you have.

Embrace the Biophilic Design Trend

Closely aligned with the trend for sustainability is the biophilic design trend. The latter involves blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living by bring plants indoors, knocking down walls and replacing them with glass (to allow natural light to enter your home), and embellishing the home with natural materials. Think of clever ways to bring greenery into your living space. Hang plants from the wall at various levels, invest in a couple of large statement pots for key corners of your home, and think of fun projects like creating a vertical green wall. If your wall is large enough, you can even use it as a space divider.

Bohemian bedroom with lots of plants

There are many ways to embrace green design without going over-budget. Start by including more recycled and upcycled items in your decor scheme. Hop on the biophilic design trend, bringing the colors, materials, and textures from nature into your living spaces.