Embracing Summer’s Happy Vibe Through Fashion

Posted July 7, 2021 by in Fashion

Summer is considered the season of sunny days and festive events. So, with that in mind, let’s welcome the season with clothes that bring out a sense of joy and hope, and make us feel like we’re ready to get out there again!

This season Donna Leah Designs is offering custom fashion that is on point, with colors and styles that are energetic and fun, yet sophisticated. Bubblegum pink, neon green, bright yellow, juicy orange, metallic gold, fiery red, emerald green, and sapphire blue are truly stand outs.

There are no fashion rules this season and the more unexpected the better.  Style should be driven by the occasion and how you feel rather than what your social media feed is dictating.  Recently at the Carillion Fashion Show in Miami, Florida, Donna Leah Designs wowed the crowd with glamourous gowns in various shades of gold, blue, orange, and pink. For those that are willing to be more daring, summer nights are also the perfect time for dancing until dawn in a black two-piece with a head-turning shine.   

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A summer wardrobe should be made up of bright colors with key pieces that add glamour.  Monochromatic dressing is still trending and always looks easy and sophisticated as if the look was taken right off the runway.  We are excited to be seeing color come out of closets and being shown off while on vacation, at weddings, and just because we can!

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Donna Leah Designs embraced feel-good prints and hand embellishments at the Lumiere Show in Los Angeles where models donned looks that hark to a bright and fun future.  Who can be in a bad mood when wearing a gown that has movement, color, shine, and exudes the wearer’s confidence? No one! The audience was delighted with gowns and casual chic wear that are flattering and not afraid to be bold. 

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Though formal occasions have been limited the past year, Donna Leah Designs speak to the hope being found in the days ahead where evening wear is being worn in full force and with attention to luxurious details and custom fit.   This hot new brand is too exciting not to notice, particularly with a renewed demand for festive gowns. Look for extravagant dresses with midi length skirts, statement sleeves, and upscale embellishments.

Accessories are an essential part of taking on a new look this summer.  Be sure to reach for an evening clutch in a festive color or new shape and add a pair of statement earrings. Always be on the lookout for exciting elements that are unusual and can be worn for multiple occasions.

Just remember, this summer, a smile and positive energy will always complete your look!