Enough With The Same Boring Workout! Here Are 5 Exercises To Add Variety To Your Routine

Posted November 11, 2021 by in Health + Fitness

When you work out daily, and it’s the same routine continuously, you will experience what is known as a plateau. That means your body has grown used to what you are doing, and it’s not as effective anymore. It will still help you with what you are trying to do, but it won’t be as helpful as it once was. It is essential to hit different muscle groups for definition and growth and lose weight from all over instead of one area.

Another area that you need to focus on is strength. If you only do certain areas or just cardio, you will miss out on some great ways to make your body feel healthier and more robust:

Running Is A Great Exercise For Cardio

Capable of getting your heart rate up and helping your stamina, running is excellent for a workout that will hit multiple target areas and muscle groups simultaneously. Another great reason to adopt this into your lifestyle is that it can define your muscles and help your posture simultaneously!

Enough With The Same Boring Work Out! 

Enough with the same boring workout! Try squats! Now we know this is a dreaded exercise, but it’s a good one. It hits the muscle groups in your legs, backside, and your core. In addition to this, if you add dumbbells or kettlebells to the routine, you will work your arms and shoulders. Like running, this can also help with posture. People love that it can reduce body fat in the stomach area and make you look leaner as you gain and tone muscle. 

Pilates Will Make You Bend

Flexibility is essential, and Pilates can help you increase your range of motion and help you be able to stretch your muscles. That means that you prevent injury. You will keep yourself safe from injuries, and your muscles will be less prone to getting hurt, either. One of the best things about this type of exercise is that it is an all-body workout. 

Try A Circuit 

A circuit is a set of exercises and is considered one of the most efficient modes of training. You get into a new mindset, burn fat, gain muscle and get going. Combining a minimum of four exercises to eight exercises in a row, you are meant to do these in the shortest amount of time possible. They will target your chest, core, arms, back, legs, and backside. You do four to eight because many people aren’t used to doing more, and it can be dangerous to go beyond your limits. 

Burpees Are A Needed Enemy

As much as people love to work out, they hate burpees. However, they are incredibly effective in targeting the whole body and doubles as cardio and muscle strength. They can improve your workout radiantly.

Changing Your Routine Is A Good Thing 

Changing your routine is great for making sure you don’t get stalled. Be more intelligent and more innovative and change your workouts to be strong and lean while achieving your goals of a better body.