Epic Fail: 5 Times DIY Jewelry Didn’t Quite Turn Out as Planned

Posted August 24, 2020 by in Fashion

With an industry worth over $36 billion, crafting is one of the most common hobbies in the US. This is the case for a good reason—it’s a fun and productive hobby that lets you express yourself.

Still, crafting requires an eye for fashion, which some people unfortunately don’t take the time to develop. Read on for some of the funniest DIY jewelry fails that just shouldn’t have happened:

Overly Goth Valentine

When you’re single, there’s nothing wrong with showing a little love for yourself on Valentine’s day. Still, you need to use a little common sense.

Unfortunately, one goth woman didn’t use this common sense when she decided to make a necklace that she could wear while out and about. This necklace was made with a huge hunk of polymer clay shaped into a fist-sized heart. It was entirely painted black and strung around a chain laden with dark spikes. Of course, this could have been worse had it been pink or something, so we can thank the heavens that she wasn’t going for a prep or scene look.

Honestly, for Valentine’s day, you should just go with discount jewelry that’s been professionally made. It’s better than having a DIY fail as huge as this one.

Minion Mania

Think Minions are at their worst when they’re made into middle-aged mom Facebook memes? Think again.

While not technically a jewelry fail, having a detailed, fully-fleshed-out Despicable Me Minion plastered onto your fingernail is… unfortunate. Plus, can you imagine trying to wear any outfit with a bright yellow minion smiling at everyone you wave to or walk past. Yikes.

Mustachioed Nose Rings

Nose rings made to look like large, face-length mustaches are pretty common. Just Google them and you’ll find numerous DIY sellers (who are actually quite talented in other respects) selling these items. Our guess is that they’re prank or gag items or made to wear as part of a costume, but they still are weird.

You can even get mustache nose rings that have gaudy jewels and gems at the ends of them. There’s no accounting for taste, but at least this is most likely purposely funny.

Rudimentary Recycling

After crafting awesome jewelry items, you might find that you’ve got some leftover materials. These materials could be saved for later, or you could use them to craft an extremely gaudy ring.

These large felt rings are made from bright colors that look good on the crafter’s main event but are now just jagged and sad parts. We recommend that you use these materials to create something other than other jewelry. They would make for great lining in a box or work well as patches on a homemade blanket.

Garbage or Greatness?

Have you ever seen someone try to make a necklace out of plastic bottle material? Well, we have, and we really wish we hadn’t.

A word of advice: a cut-up plastic bottle strung around a chain is not a bead. It’s trash, and it looks like it. Luckily, unlike the goth-heart-necklace lady, the people who made these garbage necklaces seemed to realize their mistake. Still, the damage was already done. Our eyes are still burning.

How to Make Good DIY Jewelry

Now that you know some of the biggest DIY jewelry fails, it’s time to learn how to make jewelry that will work out perfectly.

Check out both the ‘fashion’ and ‘DIY’ tabs on our home page for more information on how to make a gorgeous necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings. Here, you’ll be able to pick from tons of different styles that you’re sure to enjoy.