Erica Chierchio—Crafting Success From Challenges in the Reselling Industry

Posted November 29, 2023 by in Career
Erica Chierchio

Today’s entrepreneurial landscape is much like a chessboard – filled with challenges yet brimming with opportunities. It’s a space where innovative ideas are the currency and resilience is the armor. Entrepreneurs brave economic uncertainty, navigate market volatility, and grapple with technological disruptions.

Yet, within these challenges lie the seeds of opportunity – for those daring enough to seek them out. In this space, entrepreneur Erica Chierchio has carved out a distinct niche.

Erica’s story begins in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, where she was born and raised. Her early life was marked with profound challenges, starting with the untimely loss of her father, which plunged her family into emotional turmoil and financial hardship. The mantle of responsibility fell prematurely on her mother’s shoulders, and the echoes of this struggle left a lasting impression on young Erica.

“Watching my mother fight tooth and nail to put food on the table didn’t simply open my eyes to the harsh realities of the world around me,” she shares. “It also instilled me with resilience and a deep sense of responsibility.”

When she was 15, Erica started working odd jobs to help her family. Over the years, while her peers worried about crushes, high school grades, and prom, Erica worked tirelessly to ease at least some burden off her mother’s shoulders.

Although it may not have seemed so back then, these early experiences formed the foundation of her entrepreneurial journey, infusing Erica’s spirit with grit and unparalleled vision.

Erica’s knack for turning innovative ideas into successful business ventures first manifested itself when she was in her 20s. Shortly after getting married to her husband, Mike, and faced with financial uncertainty, Erica had an idea to pick fruits from her backyard and turn them into jam for sale. This idea transformed into ‘Brooklyn Homemade,’ Erica’s first venture, selling 120 jars of jam monthly.

It was an incredible accomplishment, albeit short-lived. Erica reveals that when winter came, business halted and reawakened her concerns about the future. Eventually, she went dumpster diving in search of valuable items she could sell online on platforms such as eBay and, later on, Poshmark.

Erica Chierchio standing in living room

This decision marked a turning point in Erica’s life. Her knack for selling second-hand items translated into unexpected success, motivating Erica to turn all eyes to the reselling sector. Soon enough, as the string of success continued, reselling became more than business—it became a way of life for Erica, allowing her to connect with her clientele and fellow resellers and forge unbreakable friendships.

As it goes, however – with prosperity comes setbacks. As Erica evolved alongside her business strategies, her awareness of the industry’s bottlenecks increased. From the time-consuming task of creating unique and compelling product descriptions for each item to the difficulties behind putting up listings across different platforms, the challenges certainly were plenty. However, Erica believed they were not unsolvable.

“Dealing with these obstacles was indescribably frustrating. As a business owner, you want to grow, expand, and seize new opportunities, but this is nearly impossible when you’re stuck with repetitive tasks that consume a lot of your time,” Erica says.

In an effort to streamline these processes and tackle the sector’s most pervasive challenges, Erica and her app-creator husband teamed up to develop Crosslisting and Magiscriptor. These two applications have become part of resellers’ business models worldwide.

Most recently, however, Erica has unveiled a remarkable new project with her husband Michael and business partner Umair Jawaid,  Posh Sidekick, an application set to revolutionize the reselling sector. 

Posh Sidekick is a top-rated, highly recommended and comprehensive tool that automates a number of tasks, freeing up time and energy for sellers to focus on sourcing the next hot item or building customer relationships. One of its standout features is the Share module, which allows sellers to customize their sharing strategies based on preferences like category, size, color, likes, and shares.

“It also incorporates a smart algorithm that shares your closet at peak times, ensuring maximum visibility and potential engagement,” Erica adds.

The party-sharing feature is another game-changer. With this feature, Posh Sidekick automatically shares items with relevant Poshmark parties throughout the day, ensuring sellers take advantage of every opportunity to showcase their items to potential buyers.

They have also unveiled a super feature that allows the users to run automatic live auctions, also known as ‘silent shows’, all the user needs to do is schedule their auction, pick their products, and it will automatically run itself. Auction viewers with questions will show up as a push notification in the users mobile device, allowing them to answer questions pertaining to the items being ran, which also increases your chances of selling an item.

Furthermore, the app also values the safety and efficiency of people’s Poshmark accounts. Its share speed control feature allows sellers to adjust the number of daily actions, reducing the risk of account flagging.

From the early days of dumpster diving to becoming an accomplished reseller and a key player in streamlining the sector’s processes, Erica’s entrepreneurial journey has been a fine example of what happens when resilience, creativity, and an unyielding spirit join forces.

While there are still milestones to pass and potential obstacles to overcome, Erica is determined to keep moving forward, eyes set on the horizon.

She says, ” I’ve learned that being an entrepreneur means being a lifelong learner. You adapt, evolve, and continue to strive for excellence, no matter how many times you’ve succeeded.”

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