Essential Tips for Holding a Memorable Celebration of Life

Posted July 21, 2022 by in Lifestyle

People tend to honour the life of a beloved family member or a friend through a celebration of life. A celebration of life is a gathering held to commemorate the life of someone special, and they focus on the positive aspects of their life. Usually held as a less formal alternative to a memorial service, the event is something that gathers people whom the departed has had relationships with during their life. They may be acquaintances, colleagues, co-workers, friends and family members. What’s important is they come to commemorate the life of the departed. 

Typically, the celebration is held in a casual environment such as a park or place special to the departed. The attire is often relaxed, and food might be available depending on the organisers. In addition, people would be able to contribute to the event by speaking or sharing their stories or presentations about the deceased. 

Here are some tips for holding a memorable celebration of life event. 

Location is important 

Always choose a location that is especially meaningful to the deceased. It could be anywhere family and guests feel comfortable or at peace; it could be their backyard, in the park, or somewhere they frequented when they were alive. If you want to hold such a service, you can coordinate with an experienced funeral directors Leeds who can help you organise such an event. They could assist you in ironing out the permits and other necessary documents as necessary. 

Invite people to share their memories 

A celebration of life typically highlights the positive things the person has done for the people he has dealt with. You need people to share a few words about the deceased. You can invite friends, co-workers, and family members to say something about the person. Perhaps they can recall experiences and have others validate them. 

Ask letters for the family 

One of the event’s highlights should be giving the surviving loved ones of the deceased encouragement and support. You can ask the participants to come with a letter to the family expressing their support during such trying times. These letters would mean a lot to the family members because they could help them move on faster. 

Provide a presentation 

If you could stream the presentation over relevant social media pages, it would be an excellent way to honour the deceased. Putting a video presentation online will only make their memories live forever. People could go back to the video and watch it whenever they feel like remembering their friend or loved one. 

Plant a garden 

One of the best ways to celebrate the life of a family member is by creating a garden on their behalf. People could bring seedlings and plant them in memory of the deceased. Then, they could watch it grow, and with it, they will keep their memories alive. 

Celebrating a person’s life shouldn’t be a grandiose affair as it should gather people close to their hearts. There are several ways to honour their life that you should consider doing.