Everything You Need Before Bringing a New Puppy Home

Posted December 21, 2021 by in Lifestyle
Two small puppies playing

Puppies are incredibly adorable, but they can also be little terrors. They need the right preparation, the right equipment, and the right support in order to thrive in your home. Done right, you can set your new puppy up for success from day one, and with this guide, you’ll have everything that you need to help your puppy (and you) thrive in your home. 

Crop female owner showing cute Dachshund puppy

Prep the Space Your Puppy Will Be 

It’s a good idea to introduce your puppy to one room at a time. Everything is brand new to them, and they need constant supervision so that you can direct their behavior and show them what they can do and what they shouldn’t do. This could be your living room, your kitchen, your basement, or anything else. Simply put, this room is where they will spend most of their time. It may even be where you set up their bed. 

Remove anything that you don’t want or shouldn’t be chewed away from the floors. Furniture is okay but do be aware you’ll need to keep an eye to redirect any interest or chewing away from your furniture legs or plants. 

Puppy Essentials 

Next, it’s time to go to the shop! You’ll need a bed, a crate, dog bowls, plenty of various puppy toys, grooming supplies, and so on. If you need help, ask an employee or use an online checklist and buy your supplies online. You only need a few basics to start, of course, and can (and should) get more items as necessary, and you become more acquainted with your pup. 

Their Vet 

You will want to know which vet you’ll be going to from day one. If you look up in advance and find a great vet like Orting Animal Hospital, which covers everything from checkups and microchipping to surgery and vaccinations, you’ll save yourself and your dog a lot of time and stress. You will want to bring your puppy to his new vet the first week, so get a check over and to get started on their vaccination course. If the breeder didn’t have your puppy microchipped, then do this. There is nothing more tragic than losing your dog, and if your pup is microchipped, not only can you find your puppy better if it does get lost, but it is harder to steal as well.   

Consistent House Rules 

One final thing to prepare before your puppy comes home is to set out the ground rules. These rules need to be agreed upon by everyone in the house and must be enforced by everyone in the house. This is the fastest and easiest way to get your puppy to behave wonderfully. The rules in question also apply to routine. Figure out what times you intend to feed your pup, when walks are, and so on. Dogs thrive when their needs are met, especially when they are met on a schedule they can understand. They also need consistency to learn what they can do and what they can’t. Be consistent, and you’ll set your pup up for success and raise a wonderful family member that fits right in.