Explore Europe on a Budget with These Incredible Tips

Posted July 23, 2015 by in Lifestyle

Europe is a fantastic continent to explore, with vast amounts of diversity from one country to the next. But when just the cost of getting there can break the bank, it’s difficult to imagine being able to spend much time there. It’s not impossible to see Europe on a budget, whether you want to stick to one country or travel through as many of them as possible. Start by looking for an excellent deal on your flights, and once you’ve reached your starting point you can use all these tips to explore on a shoestring.

Explore Europe on a Budget with These Incredible Tips

Travel By Train

Once you arrive at your first destination, whether it’s the UK, France, Italy or even Romania, you have access to the rest of the continent. If you compare Europe to the USA, it’s not very large. But there are so many countries that you can see a lot of them in little time. Much of Europe is connected by rail, so you if you want to visit neighboring countries, the best way could be to do it by train. You can buy a Eurail Pass, which will allow you to explore several countries by rail for a good price.

Use Budget Airlines

If you don’t want to take a train, the next best option for country-hopping is budget airlines. They offer very cheap prices for one-way or return flights, and they’re best if you’re just looking for a basic service. Be aware that they will charge for extras, including checking in luggage, and they usually fly to airports that are further from the city center. If you only take hand luggage, you won’t need to pay for any extras.

Look for Affordable Accommodation

Once you know how you’re going to get where you’re going, you need somewhere to stay. You don’t need to stay in a luxury hotel, but you don’t have to settle for a hostel either. For example, if you want to go to Bruges in Belgium, you’ll find budget hotels on Venere.com and similar sites. Most destinations will have a budget option that’s still clean and comfortable.

You could also look into staying in an Airbnb.

Visit Cheaper Destinations

One of the key things you can do if you want to save some cash is to pick your itinerary carefully. Some countries, such as Switzerland, Sweden or Norway, will leave a bigger dent in your budget than others, such as those in Eastern Europe. And it’s not just countries, but cities too. Naturally, large cities like London and Paris will cost more.

Find Free Things to Do

If you want to save some money, no matter where you are, look for free activities. Even in more expensive cities, such as London, you’ll find things to do that don’t cost a penny. Museums and galleries are often subsidised by the government or perhaps run on donations, so they very often are free to enter. In the summer, you might find free festivals in parks and much more to do outside.

A trip to Europe doesn’t have to leave you bankrupt. But if your flights are costing you a lot, try to fit in as much as possible to make the journey worth it.