Extending Your Home for the Moving in of Grandma and Grandpa

Posted November 4, 2022 by in Lifestyle

It’s not just a trend. The extended family is becoming more common these days, as more people find themselves alone in their old age. But what do you do when your beloved grandparents come to live with you? You extend your home, of course! This blog post will discuss some innovative ways to expand your living space to make room for your extra guests and also provide tips on how to make the most of the space you have available. So don’t wait – start planning now for the moving-in of Grandma and Grandpa!

1) Adding an extra bedroom:

If you have the room, consider adding an extra bedroom. This will give your grandparents their space to retreat when they need some time alone, and it will also provide a place for them to store their belongings. If you don’t have an extra room available, consider converting another space in your home, such as a den or office, into a bedroom. In addition, you can extend your home by adding an extra room for a bedroom; consider getting professionals to assist you, especially such as Mr. Roof or any reliable contractor.

2) Make sure your home is accessible:

If your grandparents are going to be living with you, it’s important to ensure that your home is safe and accessible. This means removing any potential trip hazards, such as loose rugs or electrical cords, and making sure there is plenty of lighting throughout the house. You should also install grab bars in the bathroom and install a stair lift if you have stairs in your home.

3) Creating social spaces:

Just because your grandparents are getting older doesn’t mean they want to be isolated from the rest of the family. Make sure to create social spaces in your home where everyone can gather together and spend time together. This might be a cosy family room with a comfortable sofa and TV or a large dining table where everyone can sit down and enjoy meals together.

4) Utilise technology:

There are many ways that technology can help make life easier for both you and your grandparents. For example, you can set up a computer in their bedroom so they can stay connected with friends and family members who live far away. You can also install a video intercom system so you can easily communicate with each other from different parts of the house.

5) Get organised:

When you have extra people living in your home, it’s important to stay organised. This means creating a schedule and sticking to it so everyone knows what needs to be done and when. You could also create a central command centre where everyone can keep track of important information, such as doctor’s appointments and medication schedules.

Extending your home for the moving-in of grandparents is a great way to provide them with the care and support they need while also maintaining your own independence. By following these tips, you can ensure that everyone has the space they need and that your home is safe and comfortable. So start planning today and make the most of your new extended family!