Eyelash Extensions 101: How to Choose the Right One

Posted July 14, 2022 by in Beauty
woman curling her eyelashes

Eyelash extensions make your eyes pop and look attractive. They come in different sizes and quality, allowing you to choose what works for you. While some people like the long and dramatic eyelash extensions, others prefer short and unnoticeable ones that give a natural look.

Choosing the right eyelash extensions for you is not always straightforward, especially when trying them out for the first time. There are a few factors that can help you pick the right eyelash extensions for you, and we will discuss them here.

Woman getting eyelash extensions at a salon

Factors to Consider When Choosing Classic Eyelash Extensions

  1. The Length of the Eyelash Extensions

The length of the lashes is essential because it determines how you will look and feel with the lashes on. If you choose lashes that are too long, they could be uncomfortable and make you look ridiculous. They can also limit the growth of your natural lashes.

The perfect length for classic eyelash extensions is between 3mm and 5mm more than your natural lashes. That length gives you comfort and compliments your face without attracting too much attention.

  1. The Volume of The Lashes

The second thing to look at when choosing classic eyelash extensions is the volume of the lashes. There are different classifications of lash volumes starting from 1D. Lash volume is measured by the number of extensions added to a single lash. The more lashes you add to each eyelash, the more full your eyelashes will look.

If you want a dramatic look, more volume to your lashes will help you achieve that. On the other hand, if you want a more natural look, 1D to 4D is the perfect volume for that. The volume also highly depends on your eye shape; some eyes would look better with less volume and others with more. A good eyelash stylist will guide you on what is best for your eye.

  1. The Curl Type of The Lashes

Another essential consideration is the curl type. The most common eyelash curl types are B curl, C curl, and D curl. There is also the L curl, which is not so common because of its dramatic nature. The L curl is perfect for people with hooded eyes or single eyelids. However, a good eyelash extensions store will have all the types to allow you to pick what you like.

Always consider your eye shape and the look you are trying to achieve before purchasing any classic eyelash extensions. You can consult with a stylist before purchasing to be sure about what you buy. The more natural the lashes look, the better they look in your eyes.

Classic eyelash extensions are popular because they give your eyes some life and make you stand out. The best eyelash extensions are lightweight and blend in well with your natural eyelashes. They should be so comfortable that you hardly notice you are wearing them. Once you choose an excellent lash store to buy your lashes, you will get high-quality lashes that compliment your face.

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