Eyelash Extensions Brisbane: a Definitive Guideline for Getting Amazing Lash Boosts

Posted September 24, 2021 by in Beauty

Nowadays, getting an eyelash extension is a major beauty statement. The glamorous look in your eyes after successfully attaching the lash of your dreams is quite wholesome, and the feeling is, undoubtedly, priceless. Many people suffer psychologically from having soft and thin eyelashes and are always on the lookout for a solution. If you want to learn how to apply for eyelash extensions, then enrolling yourself in the eyelash extension course in Brisbane is the best ideas they provide first-class education services to the students.  

However, we believe, every person reserves the right to look attractive in their own way, and find any means necessary to do so. This article discusses the factors that you should do, or not do, after getting a gorgeous eyelash extension.

Eyelash Extensions Brisbane – Where to Look?

Brisbane is a great location to get an eyelash extension, due to the presence of various places specializing in this field. i-Lashes is one such company that provides a wide range of eyelash extension services for its customers. Additionally, they also offer exclusive courses on this subject that eyelash enthusiasts, or even beginners, can get great benefits.

An eyelash extension is a synthetic lash that is glued to the original lashes of a person, making the lash look more significant and distinctive. The attachment is not completely permanent but not easily detachable either. If you are living in Brisbane, try joining one of the i-Lashes’ courses to learn all the details of the procedure, or simply take a service from them.

Things That You Should and Should Not Do

Attaching an eyelash extension is a subtle procedure that requires professional expertise to be done.  In the following section, we will discuss the important dos and don’ts of lash extension that you must take into consideration.

The Do’s

There are various factors that you should be mindful of, after getting an eyelash extension. Check the list below.

  • Do the necessary research before making an appointment at the lash extension salon. The quality of the procedure greatly depends on the expertise of the person applying the extension, as well as the availability of proper equipment. We suggest the people living in and around Brisbane to consider i-Lashes, as they are an established name in the business.
  • Be patient while the lashes are being attached. Certain procedures may take up to a couple of hours. Lie still and let the professional take it from there. In case you are in discomfort, you can always let the person know and take a breather.

Keep taking care of your natural eyelashes. Lead a healthy life and drink plenty of water. Take suggestions from a doctor if you need professional medication. Keeping your original lashes healthy helps the artificial lash to stay attached for a longer period.

  • Do wear comfortable attire while taking the services. The procedure can be intimidating to some – especially when it takes a long time. Plan accordingly, as you have to keep lying on a bed for a long period.
  • Do use products that keep the lash attachments intact. Certain items consist of alcohol and oil that can cause major harm to the natural lashes, while also compromising the adhesive keeping the lash extensions in place. Ask your beauty expert for products that are safe to use. Learn how to apply eye serums and follow the procedures accordingly.
  • Do brush the lash extensions at least 3 times a day – especially before and after bedtime, and every time it gets wet. This will give the lashes a fresh look, and make them look as good as new.

The Don’ts

Similar to the ‘Do’ section, this part explains what you should NOT be doing after getting an eyelash extension. Check the points mentioned below.

  • Don’t let the newly attached lash extension get wet under any circumstances – at least for 24 hours. The glue that is used needs some time to set properly, which increases the durability of the attachment. Be aware that you do not take any deliberate steps like washing your face or taking a bath; even bodily reflexes like sweating can hamper the glue’s effect.
  • Don’t open your eyes while the professional is working on the lashes. This can hinder progress and may even mess up the work done till then. Have faith and keep your eyes shut until you are finally told to open them.
  • Don’t rub your eyes or pull the lashes after getting the implant. This can damage the attachment and pull out the extension altogether. Furthermore, the underlying natural lashes may also be damaged in the process.
  • Don’t apply eye makeup on the day of your appointment. The procedure can not take place unless the eyes are clean. This will save you time, as you would have to remove the makeup anyway. Avoid the use of mascara by all means on that day.

Most people nowadays rate beauty enhancement treatments very highly. However, the ones concerned, usually opt for a temporary solution like getting a fake eyelash. But, these are quite fragile and do not last very long. For durability and long-term use, eyelash extension is the way to go. This can stay on for weeks and usually look more natural. Make sure you do thorough research on eyelash extensions before making that appointment!