Factors to Consider When Buying a Cake Mixer

Posted June 21, 2021 by in Lifestyle

While it is possible to mix your cake’s ingredients by hand, I would recommend that you purchase a cake mixer as this can help you save time and energy. However, once you have decided to purchase a mixer, you will come across a variety of them, which makes the purchasing decision a dilemma.

To ensure that you purchase nothing but the best cake mixer, follow this guide and get to know what you must consider for the right purchase decision.

A teal Kitchen Aid mixer on a white kitchen countertop.

1. Type

Cake mixers are of two types. A hand mixer and a stand mixer.

Hand Mixer

As the name implies, this is a mixer that requires you to hold it using your hand while using it. These mixers are an excellent choice for people who need cake mixers that will not occupy much space or affordable cake mixers.

Hand mixers are of two types, an electric hand mixer, and a rotary hand mixer. Electric hand mixers require that you plug them in an electrical outlet for them to function while rotary hand mixers have a lever which you are supposed to turn to do the mixing.

On the downside, hand mixers are slower than stand mixers and you will be required to perform a lot of manual work while using them. On the brighter side though, they are quicker than using your hands to mix, plus they provide you with the flexibility to use any bowl for the mixture.

Stand Mixer

If you need a simpler way of baking or mixing your ingredients, you should purchase a stand mixer. Stand mixers come with a stand, mixing bowl, and several attachments so that you can simply set it up and leave it to handle the mixing task for you.

These mixers are an excellent option for baking that involves thick dough or mixing that requires you to add ingredients along the way. Since stand mixers are stationary, you can handle other tasks as it does the mixing. Better, stand mixers are more powerful than hand mixers and you do not have to do much manual work with them.

On the downside, these mixers are more costly than hand mixers. Still, you can expect them to occupy more counter space and storage space. However, for dedicated bakers, I would recommend that you purchase a stand mixer if you can afford it.

2. Weight

How many kilograms does your cake mixer weigh? For hand mixers, I would recommend that you stick with lightweight models since you will be required to hold them throughout the mixing process. However, opt for a heavy stand mixer. The reason is that heavier models are more stable, which means that you will not have to worry about them bouncing around the countertop during use.

3. Size

Additionally, you will want to think about the cake mixer’s size before making a purchasing decision. On that note, how much space is available to store the cake mixer? Plus, what amount of ingredients do you need the cake mixer to mix for you? Well, I believe that you should prioritize the latter consideration for your convenience.

If you are a dedicated baker or doing cake baking as a business, opt for large cake mixers so that you can simplify your baking life. If space is a concern, you could choose to be dissembling your mixer so that it can fit into the available space.

4. Speed Settings

Different cake mixers integrate varying speed settings, and different types of foods will require different speeds during the mixing. With this in mind, I would advise that you opt for a cake mixer with at least three-speed settings for the ultimate flexibility.

In fact, choose to purchase a mixer with a speed control that allows you to adjust the motor’s speeds from 3-12 different options.

5. Number of Attachments

How many attachments are included in the cake mixer during the purchase? Well, the more the attachments, the more versatile the cake mixer is. However, I would recommend that you get a model with at least three attachments, including:

  • Dough hook: This is a C-shaped or spiral-shaped attachment. It is suitable for kneading or folding pizza dough or bread dough.
  • Wire whip: Also referred to as a balloon whisk, a wire whip is made of wire strands that are arranged in an oval shape. It is suitable for mixing light items including whipped cream, custards, puddings, souffles, meringues, or frosting.
  • Flat beater: This attachment features a wide and flat surface suitable for mixing batter for brownies, cake, or cookie dough. The beater is also suitable for mashed potatoes or making icing.

For the best value for money, ensure that you look into each of these factors before purchasing a cake mixer. At the same time, ensure that you settle for a model that is easy to clean and one that produces an amount of noise that you can bear for everybody’s peace of mind.

*Photos by Pavel Danilyuk