Fall Beauty Tips And Trends With Leah Wyar Of Cosmopolitan

Posted August 2, 2012 by in Beauty

Broke & Chic got to sit down with Jennifer Burke Labriola from Look Good…Feel Better and Leah Wyar, the Beauty Director at Cosmopolitan to discuss the first annual Look Good…Feel Better “Beauty Editor’s Day” at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City, as well as the up and coming beauty trends for fall.

Q&A with Leah Wyar of Cosmopolitan

Broke & Chic: What’s one cosmetic you think is always worth the splurge?

Leah: For me it’s a night treatment cream containing a retinoid. It has been proven over and over again that it improves your skin for the better.

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B&C: What’s one budget cosmetic company you have always been happy with?

Leah: Cover Girl. Over the years, Cover Girl has become a leader in the cosmetics world. They seem to always be one step ahead of everyone with their product innovations such as double ended lip color and eye shadow sticks as well as their mascara and Clean foundation formulas.

B&C: What are a few trends you think will take over this fall?

Leah: Typically color is reserved for spring and summer, I was shocked with the amount of color on the eyes on the fall runways this year. It’ll give us the opportunity to use our summer cosmetics longer. It also allows us to have more fun as women.

Nails are another trend that started last year that I think will continue through the fall. Before we just did the typical high shine topcoat, now we have the ability to have matte nails and what not. Going for a manicure is no longer boring.

B&C: What do you think the fall hair trend will be?

Leah: The ponytail. It’s honestly the quickest and easiest hair style you can do. The John Barrett salon on Fifth Avenue has even opened up a Ponytail Bar!

B&C: What do you think the fall lipstick color will be?

Leah: Plum! I think the color scares people when it’s in the tube however it looks beautiful on. For people scared of plum, sheer purple lip color will work just as well, it goes on glossy and sexy!

Try the Make Up Forever lipstick in Satin Blueberry and the American Apparel lip gloss in African Violet.

Ivania of Love Aesthetics wearing Lime Crime

B&C: What are a few beauty products you don’t leave the house without?

Leah: Most of the stuff in my bag is lip stuff, I have tons of tinted balm, lipsticks and lip stains. I also always have the Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil roller ball that I like to apply on my nails when my cuticles are dry.

Try the $2 Lip Stain from Eyes.Lips.Face.

B&C: What’s one makeup trend you can’t stand?

Leah:  I have a hard time with the super contoured cheek. The very gaunt line under the cheek bone can be very purposeful for the runway. It just throws me off when I see girls doing it in the real world, since they usually take it to the extreme. Back in the 80’s, we over did it with bright pink blush, but at least it was color and not brown bronzer.

B&C: What’s your favorite makeup company to splurge on and why?

Leah: Chanel and Dior. They both do color and formula so well. I tend to buy Dior for their Rouge lip color and Chanel for their foundation and fragrances. I also love Dior’s artistic pallets, they’re fun to collect. Both companies make buying beauty products fun!

Look Good Feel Better Beauty Editors Day at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City

To learn more about fashion, beauty and trends from Leah, head to the Beauty Editors Day on August 16th, from 12pm-7pm at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Beauty editors from multiple media companies will join forces with prestigious beauty brands to benefit Look Good…Feel Better, a program that supports women undergoing cancer treatment by helping them to look beautiful and feel confident.

Editors and renowned make-up artists will be available for 20 minute one-on-one beauty consultations during which they’ll share current trends in skincare, fashion, make-up, and product demonstrations. According to Leah:

The entire community is supporting this event. Every major print brand is behind it. It’s very rare that an entire set of editors from numerous publications can rally together for one cause. Look Good…Feel Better is a a very special organization there to help people going through a bad time in their lives feel confident and beautiful. I think the whole event will be a success and I’m happy and privileged to be a a part of it.

If you’re going to be in the city mid-August you should mark the date on your calendar. We’ll be there! To learn more click here.