Fantastic Ideas For Cheering Up A Friend Who’s Down

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From time to time, we all get down, it’s perfectly normal. Especially, when life has got a little rough and things aren’t going too well. But, with a bit of cheering up from a friend, in no time at all, you will be back to your old, happy self.

If you have noticed that a friend has been feeling down recently, then you might be wondering how you can cheer them up. Whether they have just gone through a bad break up, have lost a loved one or are having problems at work, if your friend is feeling down, be there to give them the support they need.

For many of us, the biggest worry that comes with trying to cheer up a friend is the fear of making the situation worse. Don’t worry, we’ve all been in that position before. Just remember, that as long as your friend knows that you are trying to help, it doesn’t matter. It is suggested that you don’t ever give up on your friend and they will surely thank you for your help in their difficult times.

The key to cheering up your friend is not making the mistake of thinking that what cheers you up will also cheer them up. Instead, think about what your friend likes and how you can make them happy. Remember, what works for you, may not work for your friend, so it is important to concentrate on the types of things that you know they will enjoy.

To help boost your friend’s mood, follow one or two of these ideas below:

Be Willing to Listen

When you are feeling down, it helps to have someone willing to listen to you vent. Sometimes, after something bad has happened, you need to be able to get it all out.

Allow your friend to talk about what’s getting them down, don’t interrupt or try to give them advice, just listen. You don’t need to try to find a solution for them; all you need to do is be there. You may find that simply by talking the issue through, a solution may present itself. If not, at least you have given your friend the chance to get it all out, hopefully, allowing them to begin to move on.

Fantastic Ideas For Cheering Up A Friend Who's Down

Hug Your Friend

It’s so simple, and is probably something you do when greeting them anyway, but giving your friend a hug is important. Did you know that hugging someone can help to boost their mood and relieve stress?

If you just can’t seem to think of the right words, giving your friend a hug can say everything that you need to say. A hug can convey how much you love and care about someone when words just won’t do.

Fantastic Ideas For Cheering Up A Friend Who's Down

Cook Them dinner

While you might like the idea of taking your friend out for dinner, if they are feeling down, the idea of going out may not appeal to them. So why not cook them a delicious meal instead?

When you are feeling down, it’s all too easy to push food to the back of your mind. By preparing your friend a homemade meal, you are ensuring that they get enough to eat and are taking care of themselves properly.

Fantastic Ideas For Cheering Up A Friend Who's Down

Have a Movie Night

A movie night is a fantastic way to help take your friend’s mind off their problems. Grab a nice bottle of wine and a few snacks and have an evening in watching movies.

Get your friend to pick three of their favorite comedies that the two of you can watch. Laughter really is the best medicine, laughing will make your friend feel better and might even put a new spin on the situation.

Fantastic Ideas For Cheering Up A Friend Who's Down

Send Them Your Love

If you live too far away to go and see your friend in person, you can still show them that you care by sending them your love.

Buy a funny card and send it to your friend. Believe it or not, sending a handwritten message to a friend can be a fantastic way to help boost their mood. A handwritten card or note can give your friend the words of encouragement they need, which they can then refer to again and again.

Another way you can show your friend that you care is by sending them a gift in the post, along with a few words of encouragement. If your friend is a chocolate lover, consider sending them a box of chocolates. If your friend is more into their health, think about sending them a nice bunch of flowers or perhaps, baskets of fruit. Sending any gift will show them that you are thinking about them and are there if they need you, just like a good friend should be.

Fantastic Ideas For Cheering Up A Friend Who's Down

Re-decorate Their Home

Re-decorating your friend’s home is a fantastic way to help give them a new perspective on what’s happened. A simple re-decorating project can not only give your friend’s home a fresh look, but can also improve their mood.

Doing something as simple as giving each room a fresh coat of paint and rearranging the furniture can bring a whole new look to the space.

Rustic, yet chic //

Book a Spa Day

Sometimes being pampered is all it takes. To help boost your friend’s mood, why not book a spa day for the two of you? Massages, facial treatments and free champagne, what’s not to love?

If a spa day seems too short, why not book a spa break for the two of you? Relax, unwind and simply enjoy each others company.

If you can’t afford to take a trip to a spa, you could consider holding your own DIY spa day at home instead. Buy a bottle of champagne, give each other hand massages, and paint each others nails.

Pool day //

How do you cheer up when you’re feeling down? Let us know in the comments below!

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