Fantastic Reasons to Buy a Countryside Home in 2023

Posted January 31, 2023 by in Lifestyle
country side home

More people than ever are deciding to list their homes for sale at the start of 2023. This has seen estate agents in Chelmsford and all areas of the UK have some fabulous new properties on their books. But where are people keen to move to? Well, it would seem that many are making the great escape to the countryside to start a new and exciting chapter of their lives. Is this something you’ve also been pondering? It’s a tough decision, but we have some of the top reasons to make that leap, below. 

country sid ehome

Leaving the Rat Race Behind

One of the main reasons that many people decide to leave the city and move to the countryside, is to escape the ‘rat race’ and embrace a slower pace of life. This doesn’t have to mean giving up your job completely though. Before COVID-19 it was the norm to work a standard 9-5 in an office environment, but since the pandemic, employers are becoming far more flexible. Some are even encouraging ‘hybrid working’ with a few days in the office each week and the rest spent working from home. 

This makes moving to the countryside easier than ever, and the ability to maintain your busy career whilst doing so could just be the dream life for many busy professionals. Be sure to talk to your employers before getting too far into the viewing process and explore what options are available to you. Transport is crucial, so don’t forget to scope these options out when you do begin your search. 

Fresh Air and Embracing Nature

Free from the smog, dirt and noise of the city, countryside living offers fresh air and a real connection with nature. Many people choose to leave the city when the time comes to raise a family. With access to long and winding walks across fields and farmland, your health will certainly feel the benefits.  

Bigger Homes and More Land

Another plus point of countryside living is that you can usually find bigger homes with acres of land. If this is something that you desire, be sure to check any land boundaries and restrictions in place before you purchase. For those keen to start their own working farm, there may be many different hoops to jump through, so it is important to find the correct advice. 

Small Town Life and Curating Meaningful Connections

Are you craving a slow pace of life and longing for more genuine connections? Countryside living and small towns mean that everyone tends to know your name and it can certainly be easier to make friends. Very unlike city living, you are likely to see only a few people each day and won’t always be in a rush when you speak to them. This lifestyle will take some getting used to, however, and you’ll need to be prepared for a very different pace and attitude. If this all sounds like your sort of thing, then countryside life might just be for you! Consult your local estate agents as well as those in the areas you are considering moving to. Their tips and advice will be invaluable and could help your countryside move to be a huge success!