FAQs About Engagement Rings Answered

Posted July 22, 2022 by in Lifestyle

If you are looking to propose to your loved one, first of all, congratulations! Second, you may be wondering about the kind of ring you want to choose to pop the big question and it’s likely that the more you think about it, the more concerned you will become about picking the right ring!

But do not fear… Many people have queries on the engagement ring etiquette, and in this article, five of the most commonly-asked questions about engagement rings will be answered. So, enjoy!

woman holding engagement ring and pave wedding band

  1. What Are The 4 C’s?

When it comes to looking for engagement rings in Hertfordshire, London, or anywhere in the world, you may have heard of the 4 C’s and have wondered what they mean.

Well, a short overview is that when it comes to engagement rings, the 4 C’s stand for color, clarity, carat, and cut. Not necessarily in that order, but these are the four things that will determine the price of an engagement ring.

The carat is linked to how much a diamond weighs, and the color of the diamond is graded by the Geological Institute of America on a scale from D through to Z. Clarity is related to how clear the diamond is (there is no such thing as a completely clear diamond) and the cut refers to the shape that the diamond is cut into.

  1. What Are The Different Diamond Cuts Used For Engagement Rings?

This is another factor that will have an impact on the cost of the ring based on the skill to cut the diamond.

Round and rose diamond cuts, which are rounder, are the most commonly used cuts for an engagement ring traditionally. But as Hollywood has become more influential, other cuts have started trending, such as the cushion cut, the princess cut, and the marquee cut. 

So, simply choose the diamond shape or cut that you think will appeal the most to your beloved.

  1. I Don’t Like Diamonds; What Other Stones Are Appropriate?

Not to worry! If you think your spouse-to-be won’t like a traditional diamond engagement ring, then there are plenty of other precious stones that can be used and, there is a whole rainbow of colors to choose from. From dark purple tanzanite to the brightest emerald, you can have an engagement ring stone in any color you want!

  1. Can Engagement Rings With A Diamond Band Be Resized?

If you chose a ring that was too small or too big for your partner, you may have concerns about having it resized. But don’t stress; even if your engagement band has got stones all the way around, a skilled jeweler will be able to resize it for you; just make sure to give them the right size it needs to be resized to when putting in the order.

  1. Which Metal Is Best For An Engagement Ring?

Most people would opt for a 9ct or higher gold ring, due to its durability and class. But if your beloved prefers silver or white gold, then these are very striking too. Or why not go one step further, and choose an engagement ring that has a platinum metal base?

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