Fashion Conscious Females – Creative Ways to Change Your Look

Posted May 30, 2024 by in Beauty

While some women are happy to stick with a single look, at least for a while, others prefer to chop and change to keep people guessing. If you are in the latter group, here are a few creative ways that you can change your look.

  • Hair colour – Check out RPR hair products from a leading Australian supplier; there are many colours and effects that you can use to change your hair shade. Coloured highlights ooze sophistication and class and they last for as long as you want them. Always check the ingredients for harmful chemicals when dyeing your hair.
  • Clip-on hair extensions – It has never been easier to go from short to long; many Aussie entrepreneurs have a short crop for the boardroom and when they fancy letting their hair down, human hair clip-on hair extensions do the job.
  • Chunky jewellery – You can lose 20 years by getting out those denim jeans and sport some chunky jewellery. If you don’t own much in the way of chunky accessories, sterling silver jewellery is very affordable, especially when you buy from an online jeweller. 
  • Wear a wig – Today’s generation of human hair wigs can transform you in an instant; whatever your passion, search online for human hair wig suppliers and choose something that makes you look sultry for those romantic evenings. A wig will last for many years of cared for properly and whenever you fancy a colour and/or style change, you have the perfect solution.
  • False nails – The latest generation of painted nails are amazing and that can transform your look with the right outfit. You may not wish to have long nails due to the nature of your work, but with false nails, you can draw attention to your hands with some stunning designs and colours.
  • Eyebrow tattoos – If you are fed up with regular make-up, why not have your eyebrows shaved and perfect lines tattooed? Search online for a local beauty salon where they would offer such a service and book a session.

Check out the leading Australian fashion magazines to get some inspiration regarding changing looks. We hope the above tips help you to chop and change the way you look.

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